‘Don’t listen to rumours, just get the Covid-19 vaccine jab’

Sujinder Singh is an assistant medical officer based in Manjung, Perak.

The 40-year-old, who works at Klinik Kesihatan Ayer Tawar, is among those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Sujinder, who got his jab yesterday, spoke to Twentytwo13 about his experience and why people should be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Here’s what he said:

“Just like other Malaysians, my colleagues and I first heard about the vaccination from the news last year. It was a trying time for us as the world was battling Covid-19.

To be honest, I didn’t have a single doubt about the vaccination since Day 1. It’s a reputable brand (Pfizer) and it’s a situation whereby frontliners like me need to get vaccinated so that we don’t get infected with the coronavirus.

I must admit there were friends and acquaintances, including those in the medical line, who didn’t want to get jabbed.

They had posted stuff on social media and sent messages on WhatsApp, trying to justify their decision of not wanting to get vaccinated.

I was eager to tell the skeptics off but more often than not, there will always be someone within the circle who will quickly set the record straight.

Last month, I was handed a form to see if I agreed or disagreed to get vaccinated. I agreed and last Thursday, I registered through the MySejahtera mobile application.

I was given an appointment and it was yesterday evening. While at the waiting area, there was a video presentation about the vaccination.

But my colleagues and I have been given ample information, including posters shared via our working WhatsApp group, about the vaccine.

There were six recipients in one batch. All of us got our shots one by one. I hardly felt anything, to be honest. I wasn’t nervous or anxious and I didn’t feel any pain. It was just another jab … you know the kind one receives after falling from a bike or being bitten by a dog. And the size of the syringe is the same too!

Right after the jab, I was told to head to the waiting room. I was there, together with the five other recipients, for about 20 minutes. Once again, I didn’t feel a single thing. No headache, no pain. Nothing.

I’ve heard some of my friends say that they felt a slight pain on the arm where they received their jab. But I guess I’ll only be able to tell you if I feel the same tomorrow (today)!

Just before I left, I was given a vaccination card which has details, including my full name, identification card number, vaccine code, the date and time I got vaccinated and my next appointment date.

I did it. It’s not just about me but keeping the others safe. Don’t be afraid and don’t listen to the rumours. Stick to the facts.

Just get the Covid-19 vaccine jab. That’s all there is to say.”


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