Driven nuts but it’s good to be back

Dear Diary,

The dreaded day arrived. It was back to the office (the rest went in yesterday but I skipped it as it was Gawai).

It’s not that I hate the office. I do miss the people and my favourite ‘makan’ joints in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, but the distressing drive there – with road maniacs and the exhausting search for parking make the experience painful.

It took forever to find a parking spot today. I eventually opted for the covered parking, which costs a bomb.

The trip itself was eventful as the new Touch ‘N Go card – which I recently topped up – was not in my wallet. So, I was stuck at the toll booth for several minutes trying to find the old one, which luckily, had enough cash for me to pass through.

After parking, I realised my shoes were not in the car. Forget Monday Blues, its Torturous Tuesday.

Here’s how Day 77 of the Movement Control Order (MCO) unfolded.

7.33am: MORE UNREST – Things get out of hand in the United States as protesters are teargassed and cleared before President Donald Trump walks to St John’s Episcopal Church where he holds up a bible.

Right Reverend Mariann Budde, the Episcopal bishop of Washington, says she had not been given any notice Trump would be visiting the church and doesn’t approve of the manner in which the area was secured for his appearance. For live updates, go here.

Separately, Facebook staffers walk out saying Trump’s posts should be reined in.

8.01am: REDS SUPPORT – Liverpool players ‘take a knee’ in a picture at Anfield in a message of support of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis. Take a knee (or the knee) is the action of bending down on one knee to publicly protest against something.

9.15am: FLOYD HELPS FLOYD – Boxer Floyd Mayweather’s offer to pay for George Floyd’s funeral is accepted by the latter’s family.

10.03am: PREMATURE CELEBRATION – Two weeks ago I was happy I could fit into my jeans. I must have celebrated too much as I struggled to get into them today.

11.22am: SEEING THINGS – Received this once again today. Interesting.

12.52pm: BARREL OF LAUGHS – Comedian Kavin Jay announces his debut comedy album ‘Let’s get ready to grumble!’ will be out on Spotify, Apple and other major streaming platforms from June 12.

1.03pm: CLAMPING DOWN – Kuala Lumpur City Hall freezes new applications for liquor licences with immediate effect.

2pm: FLIP-FLOP – A day after reiterating interstate travel was only restricted for emergencies, deaths, work and spousal visits, Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob now says marriages and outdoor pre-wedding photoshoots are also allowed – provided they have permission from the police. Hopefully, no one cancelled their wedding plans yesterday.

Filming for advertisements and movies is allowed from June 10, while the government will decide the fate of pasar malam and barbers on Saturday. The SOPs for religious activities, including congregational prayers at mosques and activities at houses of worships, will also be discussed in that meeting.

Meanwhile, all 7,000 registered childcare centres can operate from today. Previously, only 304 nurseries were given permission to operate.

3pm: JOINING IN – In a nod to #MeToo, China codifies sexual harassment by law.

4.10pm: SHOCKING BILLS – Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) residential customers who are complaining about their exorbitant bills, can opt to pay their MCO bills in instalments from now until December.

4.47PM: CAUGHT OUT – Four men arrested for drink-driving in Petaling Jaya last night.

5pm: ENCOURAGING FIGURES – There are 20 more infections which bring the number of cases to 7,877. Another 66 patients are discharged, meaning 6,470 people have been cured. Fatalities remain at 115.

7.45pm: SLAMMED BY CHOICE – Former Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha Katie James continues to draw unwanted attention locally and abroad following her “You chose to be born as a ‘colored’ person in America for a reason” Instagram posting. Her comments were in reference to the death of George Floyd and mass riots in major cities across the USA.

An online petition demanding that her crown and title be stripped has garnered some 23,000 signatures.

7.50pm: ROAR – ‘The lion sleeps tonight’ is one of the most recognisable tunes but have you heard the original version by Solomon Linda and The Evening Birds? Linda, who wrote the tune, was a Zulu tribesman who died a pauper despite the song becoming popular in the west with many growing up on The Tokens’ version. Here’s Linda in all his glory.


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