Education Ministry investigating ‘accident’ involving Year 1 pupil within KL school compound

The Education Ministry is probing an accident involving a parent and a Year 1 pupil in the compound of a school in Kuala Lumpur, last month.

On Feb 15, a parent allegedly knocked down a Year One pupil in the SK Bukit Damansara school compound. The pupil was rushed to the hospital. However, the child’s condition remains unclear.

The incident caused an uproar among the other parents, as they claim only teachers were allowed to drive their vehicles inside the school compound.

The school, in a letter to the parents on Feb 21, informed them of the actions taken by the school administrators, including meeting the operations manager of the security company, and how the company had issued a warning letter to the security personnel involved, for allowing “an outside vehicle to enter the school premises without prior authorisation from the school administrators”.

However, the school had then said it was unable to provide a detailed explanation of the incident, as it was “confidential and involved concerned parties”, adding that “investigations were still ongoing”.

It is also understood that the school’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) feed was “not working” on the morning of the incident.

Several parents had written to the school authority on Feb 23, wanting to know, among others, if there was any follow-up action, and what steps would be taken to prevent a recurrence. They had also defended the security personnel who was reprimanded.

An official from the Education Ministry told Twentytwo13 this afternoon that it was investigating the matter.

“I can confirm we have received a report and the chronology of events from the Kuala Lumpur Education Department. We are in the middle of investigating the incident,” said a representative from the Education Ministry’s complaint department.

“Our department is handling the matter. There are a lot of things to go through. We need a bit more time,” she added.

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