Ex-CJ Richard Malanjum, friends raise funds to buy medical supplies

In the true spirit of #rakyatjagarakyat, several prominent Sabahans, including former Chief Justice Tan Sri Richard Malanjum, have been collecting funds for much-needed medical supplies.

Sabah hospitals are overwhelmed by the spike in Covid-19 cases as close to 100 medical personnel have been infected by the coronavirus.

“We have to make our own efforts as we can’t depend on Kuala Lumpur,” said a frustrated Malanjum, who revealed he is too afraid to leave his home because of the rise in cases.

“The good news is we managed to raise enough funds among family and friends to purchase one negative pressure isolation chamber.

“It costs RM130,000 each. We need to get at least one more.”

He said his team had ordered the isolation chamber earlier today and it should arrive from Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.

“I have no idea why it costs so much. Hopefully, no one is trying to make a profit by selling this at such a high cost,” he said.

Malanjum added he and his friends are also trying to buy at least 60 powered air purifying respirators for the doctors. Each unit costs RM8,000.

“We have started another round of fundraising among our friends but if there are kind souls who want to donate, we will gladly welcome them.”

Alternatively, Malanjum said those in Kuala Lumpur can raise funds on their own to buy the items and he will help them with the transportation.

“I’m surprised you have heard about our efforts but I’m glad it has helped raise awareness. We have a letter from the Malaysian Medical Association to help in the fundraising.

“It has certainly helped us.”

He said the situation will only get worse before it becomes better.

His biggest fear is if the kampungs are hit as many of them are in remote areas with few medical facilities.

“Sabah is huge. It takes hours to get from one place to another. There are not many hospitals along the way,” he said.

“I just pray they stay safe.”

Those interested in helping Malanjum can send their donations to Maybank account: 560148701926.