From dirty rooms to late dinners, quarantined guests cry foul over stay at posh KL hotel

Guests quarantined at Impiana KLCC Hotel are crying foul over “poor service” there, adding their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

“I’ve been here for several days and it hasn’t been pleasant. I’m a paying guest. I chose the hotel because friends who had stayed here spoke highly of it,” said a guest who requested anonymity.

“There were complaints of dirty rooms. There was one complaint in a WhatsApp group comprising guests and hotel staff that the chicken in the pizza was not cooked. Another guest joked that it’s the hotel’s version of chicken sashimi.”

The ‘raw chicken’ pizza.

Twentytwo13 sighted conversations in the WhatsApp group. The woes highlighted by the guests include:

  • Dirty toilets and rooms.
  • Late delivery of food with some claiming they did not get their dinners.
  • Unresponsive hotel staff.

“We are not being fussy or difficult but we deserve to get what we paid for. Some of us would appreciate feedback from the hotel staff,” said another guest.

Impiana KLCC Hotel general manager David Xavier admitted there were teething problems, including a power trip in the kitchen late last week, resulting in delays in serving food.

“It was last Thursday or Friday when we had a full house. Some new arrivals didn’t realise they had to place orders with us,” said Xavier.

“Then towards the weekend there was a power trip in the kitchen at about 11.20am. The half-hour delay led to a chain reaction of delays. We eventually sent the meals to all the guests but yes, it was late.”

Xavier said of the 400-odd people quarantined at the hotel, “a few of them” had complained about this. He said the hotel staff had been attending to their guests.

He added that being a quarantine station, the staff were bound by strict standard operating procedures set by health authorities.

“We can’t just send people up to the floor. We have people in personal protective equipment (PPE) suits and we have to rotate them over 24 hours. We also offer our guests a variety of meals and we cater for requests like vegetarian, non-spicy, no beef.

“All of our rooms are clean. I must say there were a few cases of human error where they (the cleaners) missed something.”

According to the hotel’s website, its Premier Stay Safe Package – catering for those who returning from abroad – costs RM1,770 to RM5,400 for a six-night stay.

There have been mixed reviews on the hotel on TripAdvisor. Some praised the hotel for its excellent service during the quarantine period while others shared the sentiments of those currently staying there.

The hotel industry is among those badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic with some offering quarantine stays in a bid to stay afloat.

Xavier said the hotel will continue to support the government by housing those under quarantine.

“We will do whatever it takes to ensure guests will have a nice, comfortable stay. We understand and sympathise with those who have to spend seven days with us and we try our best to make it as comfortable as possible,” Xavier added.

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