Health Ministry keeps mum over high resignations, alleged lack of direction in Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

The Health Ministry has chosen to keep mum over recent issues plaguing the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), including a high number of resignations, in recent months.

Instead, the ministry earlier today, sent Twentytwo13 a statement, dated March 2, issued by MHTC. For the record, Twentytwo13 did not receive any statement from the council.

Twentytwo13 reached out to the ministry last Thursday after learning of the 22 resignations that had taken place since the council appointed a new chief executive officer, last October. In our March 1 report, sources said that the slew of resignations, ranging from middle, to top management, began late last year. Twentytwo13 was informed that more employees are expected to leave MHTC.

A ministry spokesman said it would not be issuing a statement, adding: “Let MHTC clear the air first”.

Questions had also been raised as to whether the spate of resignations would affect the Malaysia Year of Medical Tourism 2026 programme.

In its three-paragraph statement, MHTC said it had made significant strides in advancing agency-wide operational excellence, which had been crucial in strengthening its foundation, and positioning the agency for its next growth phase.

The statement added: “MHTC is evolving to meet the needs of healthcare travellers globally. We have already set out the strategies for the Malaysia Year of Medical Tourism 2026 programme and are already working with the various government agencies and stakeholders to ensure the success of the programme. As we transition, we are committed to identifying additional opportunities to drive improved returns for our partners and stakeholders, and making healthcare travel a key export for the country”.

MHTC, however, stopped short of listing down its strategies for the Malaysia Year of Medical Tourism 2026 programme, and the names of the various government agencies and stakeholders it was working with.

The statement also did not address the high number of resignations in recent months.

Established in 2005, MHTC, an agency under the Health Ministry, is tasked with promoting the country’s fledgling healthcare travel industry. MHTC takes the lead in promoting and enhancing Malaysia’s healthcare travel landscape. The agency is also tasked with promoting Malaysian healthcare globally and facilitating the industry’s sustainability.