Heineken Malaysia to readjust prices of some products due to external cost pressures

Heineken Malaysia is revising the prices of several of its beverages.

In a list that was shared via WhatsApp, among the alcoholic beverages that would see a price hike starting Nov 1 included Guinness, Tiger, Anchor and Heineken.

Industry players said they received the revision in prices from their suppliers “several weeks ago”.

Heineken Malaysia Bhd, in a statement to Twentytwo13, said the price list being circulated was from one of its distributors to retail outlets.

“As our raw materials are largely imported, the global inflation in commodity prices of malt and packaging materials, and supply chain disruptions – including volatility in foreign exchange rates – have put substantial pressures on our input cost,” the statement read.

“Hence, Heineken Malaysia informed authorised distributors of a price adjustment for selected products, effective Nov 1.

“We are mindful of the impact of a price adjustment on sales, and we have done our best to keep the adjustments as minimal, and as least disruptive, as possible.”

On Oct 18, Twentytwo13 reported that Carlsberg Malaysia was also revising its price list, starting Nov 15.

This was after an Oct 14 letter, signed by its sales director Gary Tan, made its rounds on instant messaging services. The letter stated that the price adjustment for “some of its products” was due to continued escalation in costs.

Breweries had been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic after they were forced to suspend operations during the numerous lockdowns enforced in Malaysia.

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