How to feed 10 people for only RM88

Chef on Wheels owner Seet Wai Song has been helping those in need get hot food since the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in March.

He is now expanding his ‘Sponsor A Meal’ programme and is searching for more kind souls to help out.

Besides that, later today, Chef on Wheels and Friends will present 200 care boxers to families in Batu Caves, who will be celebrating Deepavali.

“We had a donation drive to raise funds. We will be presenting the chosen families with the care boxes,” said Seet, who works closely with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society.

“Among the items in the box are a bag of rice, curry powder, pasta, flour, hand sanitisers, face shields, sugar and oil.”

He said they would also have a cake and a packet of muruku which would be packed separately.

This gesture, however, is just one way Seet is helping the needy.

Seet works closely with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society.

His ‘Sponsor A Meal’ programme was a big hit when MCO started, and he is now appealing for more ‘angels’ to help.

“For only RM88, Chef On Wheels will cook and distribute 10 meal boxes to the homeless/urban poor or to the charity institution of your choice,” said Seet.

“As a gesture of thanks, you will receive handcrafted cookies for each contribution. Each meal costs RM8.80 and will consist of rice, noodles or pasta; one meat or fish; vegetable and a dessert.

“It will be a nutritious, well-balanced meal. Most importantly, it will be freshly cooked.”

He added he is open to giving a special discount if an order is for a large quantity.

Seet, who prepared about 400 meals a day when he initially launched his ‘Sponsor A Meal’ programme, said there are many generous people who want to “pay it forward” by helping the less fortunate.

“That was how I got the idea for ‘Sponsor A Meal’. Many want to help but don’t know how to contribute,” said Seet, who has catered for international artists such as Mariah Carey, Guns N’ Roses and Russell Peters.

Separately, Seet is working on a project to help the B40 start their own food business.

“I can’t reveal anything at this moment. I’m just excited about it as I feel it will help change some lives,” said Seet, who has been in the food business for over 30 years.

“I’m trying to work something out with some financial institutions. When I get the green light, I will make the announcement.”

In the meantime, those wanting to ‘Sponsor A Meal’ can contact Seet via the Chef On Wheels Facebook page.