Kind souls lend a helping hand to feed those hard hit by Covid-19

On the 501st day since the start of the original Movement Control Order (MCO), ‘The MCO Diaries’ would like to salute several individuals and a football fan club for doing their best to help the less fortunate.

Members of the Official Liverpool Supporters Club, KL Kopites, recently raised RM40,000 and managed to feed 600 B40 families in Puchong.

At the same time, Christina Lim and friends are also doing their part to feed locals and foreign workers in Puchong.

Over in Ulu Klang, Datin Ida Seatter and her daughter, former race driver Natasha Seatter, started a community pantry.

These are just a few friends who are reaching out to help those in need. I have many more who are doing the same.

It is comforting to see Malaysians taking care of each other as we can’t seem to depend on the powers-that-be.

Sashidaran Nair said club members passed the hat around for the ‘KL Kopites This Too, Shall Pass Charity’ programme last Saturday.

“Taking the cue from the good work done by Liverpool and many of our beloved players during these hard times, KL Kopites and its members have come up with several programmes,” said Sashidaran, who is the club’s president.

“Initially, we targeted 500 families, but we managed to arrange for 600 food baskets.

“Our members handed over the items to the families. I want to thank Senator Datuk T. Mohan of MIC, and Samsudin Yusof of Pemuda Puchong for their assistance.”

Businesswoman Lim said she and her neighbour, June Mah, decided two weeks ago to open a food bank outside their housing area.

“Then, last week, we received news of some foreign workers who had raised white flags as they have had no jobs for several months,” said Lim, who early this year, had to close the beauty salon she ran for 20 years.

“So we arranged for some food baskets for about 30 families. We are still packing about 50 meals a day for those who want the food.

“More neighbours, friends and relatives have come forward to help us feed those in need.

“Although I had to close my business, I am grateful for my health, as God has given me another purpose. I will continue helping as much as I can.”

The Seatters, who started their Facebook page in June, echoed her sentiments.

On Hari Raya Aidiladha earlier this month, the duo cooked nasi lemak for the needy.

“Many are suffering and finding it hard to put food on the table. So we were determined to do something to help,” said Ida.

“I created a QR code and the Facebook page so anyone who wants to help can contact us.

“The concept is ‘take what you need, donate what you can’.

“I am pleased to say that several non-governmental organisations and generous people have come forward to help us.

“We will soon extend the programme beyond Ulu Klang.”

Bless you all, for helping.


Whether the emergency ended on July 21, or ends tomorrow, the facts are clear – while politicians are busy fighting to hold on to power, Covid-19 numbers are not going down.

There has been a scary number of new cases and fatalities in the past week. But thankfully, we also had some good news on the recovery front.

First, the bad news. Over the past week, we have had 114,995 new cases, including a record-breaking 17,405 on Wednesday. That marked the first time we have had a six-digit increase over seven days.

That brought the total to 1,095,486. We surpassed the one million mark last Sunday.

We also had 1,141 deaths – the worst over a one week period – passing the 200 mark on Monday and Tuesday, with 207 fatalities on both days.

Monday was also when we passed the 8,000 threshold in terms of the death toll. We have now had 8,859 fatalities since the start of the pandemic.

The good news is that 77,534 patients were declared free of the coronavirus, including a record 12,930 on Thursday, the most, over a seven-day spell.

In total, 902,921, or 82.42 per cent of Covid-19 patients, have beaten the virus.

Worldwide, there are 197.9 million cases and 4.2 million deaths.


I bet none of the athletes at the Tokyo Olympics would agree.


On Wednesday, I sent my sister for a check-up and a blood test at a Klinik Kesihatan.

However, it was postponed to December as there were not enough doctors available.

The trip was not entirely wasted as she managed to get her medication, but it took an hour to get the new date.

As I was driving out, I saw the line for the Covid-19 swab test and was horrified at how long it was. Some irresponsible parents allowed their children to run around, and their face masks were not correctly attached.



Received a gift from a friend, Julia Nicholas. Really delicious and worth it. Guinness pulled pork slow-cooked to perfection, tender and moist shredded pork stewed in Guinness Stout, BBQ sauce and SpreadCheers apple jams. Support a local business. Maybank customers get a 30 per cent discount plus RM10 off the delivery fee.

SpreadCheers Guinness pulled pork.


Syed Mohammed Idid Syed Ahmad, featured in this column in March, has recovered well from his Covid-19 experience.

The head of strategic stakeholder engagement for Plus Malaysia Bhd shared how the company is helping the National Immunisation programme, as its Persada Plus First Highway headquarters is a vaccination centre, dispensing 2,000 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines daily.

He also said the company is helping small traders along its highway fence line to survive the economic impact brought on by the lockdowns with rental waivers and discounts since March 2020 till today.

It also launched a campaign called Satu Pembelian Seribu Harapan, that implores highway customers, who have the permission to travel, to make a small purchase – a doughnut or nasi lemak and Kopi O – as this small gesture has a big impact on them and their families.


Jeff Bezos made history last week when he spent a few minutes in space. Earlier this week, I received this via WhatsApp.


ZZ Top’s bass player Dusty Hill, 72, died in his sleep at his home in Houston, Texas, on Wednesday.

Born Joe Michael Hill in Dallas, he, and guitarist Billy Gibbons, and drummer Frank Beard, formed ZZ Top in Houston in 1969.

The band, who had such hits as La Grange, Legs, and Gimme All Your Lovin’, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

One of the group’s most famous songs is below. Farewell, dear sir.

Until next week, stay safe, folks.

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