Lawyers hope glitch in e-filing of probates, letters of administration will be rectified soon

Lawyers are still unable to file probates and letters of administration via the courts’ e-Filing System (EFS).

This has resulted in lawyers and clients being left frustrated over the delays.

A Kuala Lumpur-based lawyer said she has not been able to file probates via EFS since Oct 8.

“It’s not just me, but many other lawyers are unable to do so, and we can’t work,” said the lawyer who declined to be named.

“In fact, the matter has been raised with the Malaysian Bar.

Another lawyer hoped that the matter will be rectified quickly.

“We can’t keep our clients waiting,” the Petaling Jaya-based lawyer added.

In an Oct 12 circular to its members regarding this matter, the Malaysian Bar said: “We have contacted the e-Court Division of the Chief Registrar’s Office and are informed that there is an issue with the integration of the EFS with the National Registration Department (NRD).”

“The e-Court Division also confirmed that only probate and letters of administration matters are affected, and they are in the midst of rectifying the issue with NRD.

The courts’ e-Filing website had also notified users of the issue, adding that “steps were being taken to resolve the problem and that users would be informed about the latest developments”.

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