MAEPS shows Malaysian ingenuity at its best

Dear Diary,

A big shout out to the people from Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) who took only four days to convert Malaysia’s largest exhibition and convention centre into a temporary hospital to house Covid-19 patients. Great job guys and gals.

Here’s how Day 17 of the Movement Control Order unfolded.

5.21am: MISSING THE OFFICE – I dreamt my colleague Amar Qastellani Tajuddin rented an apartment in Plaza TTDI as he wanted to be nearer to Twentytwo13’s office … and we threw him a party to celebrate. Can’t believe I’m dreaming of the office!

7.13am: UP IN NO TIMETwentytwo13 publishes article on how MAEPS turned into a temporary hospital to house Covid-19 patients. Here’s a time-lapse video of the set-up.

7.30am: OOPS! – Those using Zoom or video conferencing, this one’s for you.

8.45am: WHEN HOME IS NOT SAFE – Women’s Aid Organisation advocacy officer Tan Heang-Lee was quoted as saying there has been a 14 per cent increase in hotline calls and WhatsApp enquiries on domestic violence since the Movement Control Order began.

This is something the Women and Family Development Ministry should focus on instead of Doraemon-linked advice.

9.23am: HOW IRONIC – One Premier League club suggests finishing the season in China if matches can’t be held in England.

10am: TASTY MISTAKE – Wanted steam bread and cheese but both pieces fell in the (clean) water. Scooped them out, added eggs and milk, an extra slice of bread and more cheese, salt and pepper and baked it all. Surprised it turned out quite nice and was even better with some jam and cream cheese on the side. Don’t waste food.

11.51am: LEGAL CONUNDRUM – Is running up and down the stairs in a condominium/apartment legal? A couple of friends say some neighbours are doing it. But isn’t the staircase a common area? What if some smart Alec decides to walk up and down with groceries? Please be considerate people.

12.04pm: NASI KENDURI – Got this from Lily Haslinda. Usually available in Kajang, Bangi, Cheras and Putrajaya but opened to other areas now – delivery charges apply.

1.12pm: WELL PLAYED, ASTRO – Something interesting on the Astro GO app.

2.18pm: EXTRA PRECAUTION – Some advice for those buying groceries.

3.05pm: THE FOREST PROTECTS – Orang Asli from Jemeri, Pahang, have fled into the forest to escape the coronavirus.

4.12pm: LOCKDOWN IN SINGAPORE – Singapore to impose month-long MCO. Only essential services and key economic sectors will be operational. All preschools and student care centres to close, but limited services will be provided for children of parents who have to continue working, unable to make alternative care arrangements.

5.03pm: THREE NEW DEATHS – We now have 53 deaths after three more passed away. There were 217 new cases, bringing total to 3,333.

6pm: YOU CAN’T SPELL GUINNESS WITHOUT N.U.N.I.S. – Some entertainment outlets are offering delivery service for beer and Guinness.

6.30pm: NATURE PROTECTS – Something from Guns N’ Roses, dedicated to the Orang Asli from Jemeri.