Malaysia ranked sixth in Global Covid Index – what does this mean?

Many nations are witnessing a surge in Covid-19 cases.

Apart from the past two days, when there were more new cases than recoveries, Malaysia has it pretty much under control.

That has placed it 13th on the Global Covid Index (GCI) recovery ranking using data from the past 90-days and sixth on the same platform using data since January 2020.

Malaysia, however, is placed 13th in the latest Nikkei Covid-19 Recovery Index.

What does this mean? Here is an explanation of GCI.

What is the recovery index?

The index is to evaluate recovery parameters that are reported daily. That gives a clear indication of how a nation is performing on its path to recovery. The higher the ranking, the better the recovery results.

Why is Malaysia ranked 13th and 6th on the same GCI platform?

Malaysia is ranked 13th based on data endorsed by WHO over the past 90 days.

The country is placed sixth on the same platform based on GCI methodology that tracks recovery and historical severity using data since January 2020.

What does this mean to Malaysians?

The Covid-19 situation in the country is better compared to other nations. Nevertheless, Malaysians must continue to comply with the standard operating procedures including the wearing of face masks, practising physical distancing, sanitising/washing hands regularly and avoiding crowded areas.

Which state in Malaysia has the best and worst recovery rating?

As of Jan 8, Sarawak has the best recovery rating (86.18) while Kelantan has the worst recovery rate 68.36 – the only state to score below 70 points.

Will the situation in Malaysia improve?

The GCI model indicates that the situation in Malaysia and Chile has a small probability of recovery, but there is insufficient evidence to suggest that the recovery trend will improve significantly in the near future.

The same model predicts the situation is “definitely improving” in South Korea and New Zealand, adding “with the right discipline and compliance, the countries can hope to see numbers diminish significantly in the near future”.

The situation is expected to get worse in Singapore, China, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

How many unvaccinated individuals are there in Malaysia?

According to CovidNow, there are 6.6 million individuals (including children) who are unvaccinated.

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