Minister Rina Harun yet to settle RM1.3m debt, bankruptcy action looming

A Paris-based film and television programme production company filed for an application for substitute service last week after efforts to serve a bankruptcy notice on Datuk Seri Rina Harun failed thrice.

According to court documents, the Women, Family and Community Development Minister still owes Sarl Novovision RM1,340,642.02 as of Nov 17 for content purchased over a decade ago.

It is understood efforts have been made by Rina to settle the sum but both parties have not been able to come to an agreement.

This is the second time a bankruptcy notice is being filed on her. The first notice expired as lawyers for Sarl Novosion were unable to serve Rina the notice.

Lawyer Mark Ho, who is representing the French company, confirmed his firm had tried serving the second bankruptcy notice personally to the Titiwangsa MP three times but failed to do so.

“We filed for an application for the substitute service last week,” said Ho.

He refused to comment further.

The case management date for the second bankruptcy notice is on Feb 18, 2021.

Twentytwo13 reported on Sept 8 that Rina was being dragged into bankruptcy for content purchased nearly a decade ago.

Sarl Novovision, famous for its comedy sketches, pranks and funny videos, had issued several invoices to Rina’s now-defunct companies Eurofine (M) Sdn Bhd, Fine Mobile Network Sdn Bhd and Fine TV Network Sdn Bhd between 2011 and 2013 for comedy shows and documentaries purchased under the comedy genre.

Fine Mobile Network, Fine TV Network and Eurofine were wound up on Aug 11, 2014, Dec 3, 2014 and Aug 10, 2015 respectively.

On Sept 9, Twentytwo13 reported that the minister did not show up in court for a judgment debtor summons hearing regarding the non-payment but had issued three cheques Sarl Novovision lawyers in a bid to settle the almost decade-long debt.

In the same report, Rina’s then lawyer Hussin Mohd Razak told Twentytwo13: “My client is very committed to settlement.”

Court documents showed Rina had made three payments via RHB Islamic Bank Bhd cheques on Sept 17 (RM231,327.80), Oct 9 (RM200,000) and Nov 9 (RM200,000). The total amount owed stands at over RM1.3 million including interest.

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