Movies to (not) watch during MCO

Dear diary,

There is a possibility the government may extend the Movement Control Order if it cannot stop the spread of the coronavirus. In true Malaysian style, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s special announcement telecast didn’t start on time.

Oh well, here are some movies you can watch while you’re at home.

8.45am: HERE’S JOHNNY – Rizal Solomon, who has been reading ‘The MCO Diaries’ says he enjoyed the Guardian dystopia reading list from Day 2. He has some movie suggestions for those who don’t like to read.

1. It comes at night
2. Quiet Place
3. Bird Box
4. I Am Legend
5. World war Z
6. Cell
7. The Happening

When I told him I watched The Shining the previous weekend, he warned ‘The MCO Diaries’ may end up like this.

9.15am: A HELPING HAND – Some people in Sabah are rushing to make personal protective equipment.

Bless them.

10.37am: BURPPPP – Wife was upset I bought expensive flour and Greek Yoghurt last night but the bagels came out perfect. Wait, that means I still have to get the groceries the next time? Darn it, my plan didn’t work.

11.05am: CRASH AND BURN – Saw this tweet about a group who were playing volleyball.

1.16pm: MALAYSIAN TIME – Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin finally makes his special announcements. In case you missed what he had to say, read Twentytwo13’s Twitter thread.

1.40pm: SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN – Journalist Lee Seng Foo is perplexed no one asked the PM this:

2.34pm: I’LL DRINK TO THAT – A former national hockey captain jokes that at the end of MCO, half of us will be fantastic cooks while the other half will have drinking issues. Guess which category I may fall under, hic!

3.21pm: LIFE IS A HIGHWAY – PLUS highways will be opened throughout MCO, but not for ‘jalan-jalan’.

4.13pm: USE THE FORCE – Tips on how to behave during this outbreak.

4.40pm: FINDING NEMO – Former Malaysian gymnast Sarina Sundara Rajah shared this picture:

5.46pm: THE GRIM NEWS – Four deaths were recorded today, bringing the total number of Covid-19 deaths to 14. A total of 212 new cases were reported. The number of cases nationwide stands at 1,518.

6pm: IT’S BEEN A LONG MONDAY – I leave you with a song by John Prine. He will be regular.