Mum hasn’t turned into an alien after first Covid-19 vaccination jab

Mum was hesitant at first but finally agreed to register for the Covid-19 vaccine in April.

Like most people, she had received a barrage of fake news about how the vaccines would affect us. She also said she didn’t need to get vaccinated as she “doesn’t go anywhere”.

But after much discussion, she agreed to get it. I’m thankful she got her first Pfizer-BioNTech shot last Saturday at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

Her appointment was at 9am and we were there by 8.17am. There was a slight ‘traffic jam’ at the vaccination centre as the staff initially had trouble logging on to the website.

As such, it is advisable to screenshot or print the vaccination appointment date as many, us included, had trouble logging on to the MySejahtera application. That delayed the process a little.

A couple of friends who had gone through the vaccination process said they experienced similar glitches at their centres, too.

Other than that hiccup, everything else went smoothly.

The centre is huge, so if it is really necessary, do get a wheelchair for the elderly.

Hats off to those manning the centre as the explanations, guidelines and directions to the halls were clear and concise. All those on duty were also extremely polite.

Mum received her dose at 10.15am and we left Sunway at 10.55. All in, we spent two hours and 38 minutes – 55 minutes of which was due to us arriving extremely early.

We didn’t mind the wait … we just need to remember to bring a bottle of water and perhaps some snacks for her second appointment in a fortnight.

Oddly, we were not allowed to take photographs or videos during the vaccination process – unlike at other centres.

There was, however, a photo booth and I managed to snap a picture (main image). There were some ‘props’ available but I advised my mum not to handle them as we didn’t know when was the last time they were sanitised. Better safe than sorry.

On the bright side, many commented the photo booth was the “prettiest” among all the centres. I have to agree, although it could be because it was my mum posing!

It’s been a week since her jab. She experienced two minor side effects – swelling on her arm and a loss of appetite.

She hasn’t turned into an alien or a robot and no 5G signals are emitting from her. Everything is normal.

Now that mum has received her first dose, the home minister and I can’t wait for our turn to get jabbed.

Those who have yet to sign up for the vaccine, please do so immediately. The number of new cases in the country is scary.

Anyway, today is the 438th day since the start of the original Movement Control Order and this is the 50th weekly edition of ‘The MCO Diaries’.


‘Malaysia now has more Covid cases per million people than India’ screamed CNBC’s headline.

Scary isn’t it? But we aren’t that bad, right?

Sadly, we are. Looking at the number of new cases this past seven days – 50,719 – it shows we are very much in trouble.

On May 28, 2020, we only had 10 new infections – at that time, the lowest number of new cases since the implementation of the MCO on March 18.

How I wish we can go back to those glorious lockdown days. We get to experience it again from June 1 as the country enters full lockdown.

Yesterday, we breached the eight thousand mark for the first time with 8,290 new infections. That brought the total number of cases to a staggering 549,514.

There are now 2,552 deaths from Covid-19 following the 403 new fatalities in the past seven days, including a record 63 on Wednesday.

On the recovery front, 29,599 patients were given the all-clear, raising the total of those cured to 474,139 or 86.29 per cent.

This is the second-highest number of recoveries in a week this year, behind Feb 13-19 when 34,197 patients were given a clean bill of health.

Worldwide, there are 169.7 million cases with 3.5 million fatalities.


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That aptly described what happened on Wednesday after many Malaysians failed to get into the system to register for the AstraZeneca vaccine. I received this picture from several friends.

AstraZeneca side effects


Did you know, medieval elites used hand washing as a shrewd ‘power play’?

It may have been a power trip back then, but washing hands does save lives. Do your part, people.


Received this from a friend. Good reminder to everyone. I can say with all certainty it is true as it happened to me, especially during the initial MCO.


In case you missed it, Friends: The Reunion premiered on Thursday. Although not really a fan of the show, I appreciate its impact on so many people.

I know of friends who watch reruns of it each day until today – 17 years after its final episode aired.

I guess the show was, and is, there for them.

As for me, I have yet to decide if I want to watch the reunion.


Here’s a ramen recipe with a healthy twist.


John Prine makes his mandatory appearance in ‘The MCO Diaries’. Although this song, which features Kacey Musgraves, is about divorce, the title perfectly sums up how many of us felt when they tried to register for #cucukMyAZ.

Stay safe everyone.

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