New hotel on Bau’s famous Tasik Biru a boon for traders

When people mention Bau in Kuching, these days, the first thing that pops into their minds is that it is the birthplace of diving queen Datuk Pandelela Rinong Pamg.

The two-time Olympic medallist is synonymous with Bau, but the town, about 35km from Sarawak’s capital city Kuching, has many other attractions, especially for the outdoorsy types.

Among them are the nearby Wind Caves and Fairy Caves.

It now has a new attraction – Roxy Tasik Biru – which offers visitors chalets on the town’s famous Tasik Biru.

Opened six months ago, there’s also paddleboat rides, a floating bridge that is open to the public, and a jungle trail behind the chalet.

These new attractions have been a boon for petty traders.

One of them is Riduan Salleh.

“I started selling drinks earlier this year. Business is not bad, and I have experienced an increase in sales in the last couple of months,” said the 35-year-old.

“We get more visitors to the area these days as there is much more to do. I have also seen many foreigners around. Perhaps this is because the borders have opened up.

“Hopefully, the authorities can plan more activities.”

Another food trader, Bryan Kandersan, said Tasik Biru has changed so much in the last five years.

“Previously, they opened a food court, but that was all. People used to come, eat by the lake and then leave,” he said.

“Now, with these new attractions, people spend the whole day here with their families. Some still eat at the food court, but some enterprising people sell food and drinks near the parking area.

“Business has been good for all of us. Times were bad during Covid-19. Hopefully, many of us can start saving again if earnings go up.”

These redevelopment initiatives are part of the ‘Blueprint for Bau District 2016-2030’ and the ‘Greater Bau 2030’ expansion plan.

Apart from Tasik Biru, other areas earmarked for development include Kampung Lidah Tanah, Siniawan, Tasik Biru, Tondong, Buso, Krokong, Pangkalan Tebang, Gumbang, Serikin, Jagoi, and Singai.

There is also a plan to build a gold museum to honour Bau’s history.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic slowed down some of those plans, Roxy Tasik Biru completed its development work and opened for business six months ago.

Site supervisor Amanda Jun Mity said: “Although in the beginning we had to contend with Covid-19 restrictions, business has picked up since April 1 (when the country re-opened its borders).

“We get an equal number of local and foreign guests. We have four landed, and four floating chalets.

“We are confident business will get better.”

She said feedback has been positive, as many love the ‘floating sensation’ each time a boat goes past the floating chalets.

“There are plenty of activities around here, so guests will not feel bored.”

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