No physical road tax? Share your e-road tax details with your designated driver via MyJPJ

You have renewed your road tax but there’s no physical sticker on the car. Fret not, as your family member or friend, who is driving your sedan in Malaysia, will not have to worry about being questioned by law enforcement personnel.

This is because vehicle owners can now share their road tax details with a designated driver or rider, via the MyJPJ mobile application.

The vehicle owner can also set a specific time period to share the road tax details, and delete the sharing option at any time.

The only condition, however, is that the designated driver or rider must also have a MyJPJ mobile application.

The physical road tax slips, however, will still be available to those who have yet to embrace the government’s digitalisation efforts.

The sharing of e-road tax is among several other new enhancements made to the MyJPJ mobile application, as revealed by the Transport Ministry earlier today.

Driving licences can also be renewed through the application, starting Feb 1, and those who do so this year will enjoy a RM5 rebate.

The Malaysian government, in its quest to go digital, is implementing the National Digital Identity initiative, better known as MyDigital ID.

Civil servants were among the first batch of Malaysians who signed up for MyDigital ID last month, despite concerns of potential security risks, following several instances of data breaches involving government agencies in the past.

The government, however, insists that MyDigital ID is secure and would not involve the sharing of any biometric data, such as fingerprints, retina scans, or facial recognition.

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