Number of cases doubles in October but Malaysian wit is the real winner

Malaysians certainly are humorous with many quick to create alternative meanings for CMCO – Conditional Movement Control Order.

Among the most popular ones shared on social media are Cincai MCO and Continuously Making Confusing Orders!

There were many more, but this is a family-friendly website!

Many were confused about what one can or can’t do during CMCO – how many are allowed in an office where we can or can’t go and whether the country will be under ‘emergency rule’ any time soon.

The work-from-home order/suggestion also inspired this joke after it was decided only 10 per cent of the management team can be in the office at any one time.

“If a company has a 10 pax management team, it means only one can be in the office. If there are five persons, then only half a person can be present – Half body outside, half body inside.

“If less than five then one or two body parts only can enter. Now we understand what it means by Kakitangan sahaja dibenarkan masuk.”

Another ‘confusing’ situation is the roadblocks which are manned by police and soldiers.

I’ve been through several and was waved through (thankfully), all of them without even a cursory glance.

So why the need to close off lanes, causing bottlenecks and traffic jams? Why waste manpower at these roadblocks?

I do feel for them.

I’m eagerly awaiting some memes about roadblocks as I reckon many are using humour as a coping mechanism seeing how badly the numbers are for Covid-19.

Here’s a scary update. On Sept 30, Malaysia had 11,224 cases with 136 deaths. The recovery rate was 88.8 per cent.

But in just 23 days in October, that number has more than doubled to 24,514 with 5,756 new infections in just the past week.

The death toll rose to 214 with an unwanted record of 10 deaths yesterday – the most the country has recorded in a single day. There were 38 fatalities in the past week.

The recovery rate has dropped to 64.8 per cent although there was a record 871 patients discharged on Sunday – the most in a single day.

Worldwide we surpassed 40 million cases on Monday with the tally now just over 42 million! The global death tally is nearly 1.2 million.

Anyway, today is the 221st day of the Movement Control Order, and this is the 19th weekly edition of ‘The MCO Diaries’.

Stay safe folks!


On Tuesday, Subang Jaya officially became a city. In January, Seremban too was awarded city status.

I don’t think it is a coincidence Seremban and Subang Jaya have become cities as they have something very special in common … me!

I’m originally from Seremban but have lived in Subang since 1998. You’re welcome Subangites!


The Selangor government will spend RM2 million to buy four drones which will be used to catch river polluters.

This comes after another round of water cuts earlier this week which forced four water treatment plants to shut down, disrupting supply to 1.2 million households.

There have been more than 10 water cuts in the state in recent times.

Although some are disputing the cost of such drones my friend sent me a picture of the first drone he ever saw.


In conjunction with Deepavali, Spoonful of Hope is running a programme called “Sponsor a Hamper”.

Hampers will be distributed to old folk’s homes, orphanages and less fortunate families. Sponsors’ names will be indicated in the hampers. Details in the picture below.


Halloween is just a week away. Why not binge-watch your favourite horror movies? Did they make the list of top 10 horror movies of all time? Can you guess which one is rated the scariest according to science?


Here are some bread recipes to try since it looks like we’ll be stuck at home for a while longer.


Sum 41 best sums up how many are feeling right now.