Ode to PTPTN flip flop


I‘ve paid off my PTPTN, finally,
And boy I’m happy!
I now don’t have much money,
But at least my contribution will benefit somebody.

However, many others are angry,
After PTPTN revealed plans to deduct money from borrowers monthly.
It’s not like many of us enjoy a fat salary,
Luxury is enjoying an Oreo McFlurry.

Yes, there are those who say no money,
But often party.
They argue “aren’t we entitled to jolly”,
“Working all the time is such a misery!”

Here’s where it gets funny.
Within 24 hours of the dreaded announcement, or barely,
PTPTN salary deductions on hold, says Maszlee.
Flip flop decision make decision makers look silly,
Doesn’t anyone plan properly?

Here’s another matter that should not be taken lightly,
As tweeted by Twentytwo13 boss, Pearl Lee.
The monthly PTPTN administrative cost is hefty,
Even if deducting RM40 per month, tak akan habis bayar sampai mati.

So what’s the remedy?
You owe money, you pay once you work immediately!
Borrowers need to know what is their priority,
Remember, this loan has enabled you to study.

Rising cost of living is a pain, really,
Homes are now out of reach, crazy!
Many are finding it tough, that’s the reality,
To our dear leaders, make decisions after planning properly.

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