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A modified ‘The MCO Diaries’ (Movement Control Order) will now come to you every Saturday, for a weekly wrap during the Recovery MCO (RMCO) period, instead of a daily update as per the first 84 days.

Although it has only been four days since the last of the daily edition, some interesting stuff has been going on.

Here’s what caught my interest.


If you watched the legal drama The Good Fight, you will know about Memo 618 – and the “havoc” it plays on the US legal system.

Although that is fictional, happenings in Malaysia this past week suggest there could be some sort of version of Memo 618 here, after a former Attorney-General implicated a former Federal Court judge of “arranging policemen and a magistrate” to arrest then-Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. It was top news on Twentytwo13.

You can read more about Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali’s explosive allegations against former Federal Court judge turned lawyer Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram on Twentytwo13.

It has been said that truth can be stranger than fiction and Apandi’s claims are certainly more volatile than the fictional Memo 618. Hopefully, these accusations don’t leave a stain on our legal system, as we all love lawyers, right?


By now, many of us would have received our electricity bills from TNB – and it has proved shocking, to say the least.

I made two payments totalling RM730 in early and late May (one for the April 3 bill and another for the May 3 bill) based on the estimated amount on the TNB mobile application.

My bill on June 3 is RM760.72 as apparently, TNB underestimated my electric consumption. The latest bill indicates it has received my last payment (May 27) but doesn’t say if the payment in early May was included.

I’m not alone. Former swimming star and Olympian Khoo Cai Lin was stunned when she received her bill of RM500. Her usual monthly bill is around RM90-RM130 and her last payment was RM259 a month ago.

Another friend, Julia Nicholas, received a bill for RM900 despite paying more than RM500 in April.

TNB says consumers can contact its CareLine at 1300-88-5454 or TNB CareLine’s Facebook account or visit the nearby Kedai Tenaga to get clarification on their bills. There is one theory going around which says while the amount is correct, it is because TNB is adding up the three months’ worth of consumption.

TNB chairman Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid was quoted as saying the usage of electricity in the residential sector saw an increase of between 20 and 50 per cent during the MCO. He added TNB had used the prorated method to ensure consumers were not overcharged. This, he said, was approved by the Energy Commission.

Nevertheless, I’ll be visiting the nearest Kedai Tenaga soon.


Despite the dire need for a haircut and shave, I still fear going to the barbers, more so after it was reported a Pakistani barber who conducted illegal house-to-house services during the Movement Order (MCO) has tested positive for Covid-19. Forty people who had close contact with him have been quarantined.

This comes as the government says foreigners working as barbers and in hair salons are required to be screened for Covid-19 before they can operate. What about local barbers and hairstylists?

Separately, the government has allowed meetings, courses, seminars and training sessions, subject to adherence to the standard operating procedure, which unfortunately has yet to be released. Sigh!

Also, all public transport services, including flights and express buses, as well as e-hailing services and private vehicles, are now allowed to operate at full capacity and without any time limit.


Some people can be overly sensitive. I purchased a T-shirt from Tantrum and wore it yesterday. It has the symbol of the ‘Liver bird’ with the words ‘Liverpool’ (on the front) and ‘champions’ (on the back) written in khat.

But someone has implied it is insulting as “Mythical creatures should not be related to God’s religion.”

I have no intention of insulting any religion and since Religious Affairs Minister and former Federal Territories Mufti Datuk Seri Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri (pic above) owns a similar T-shirt, I believe it’s all good.

This is why reintroducing Khat in schools was a good idea.

Meanwhile, Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing has been receiving flak from former employees who claim he is racist and sexist. The allegations came to light after a ‘King of Africa’ billboard went up at the Limkokwing University after his return from Africa.


All English Premier League clubs to replace players’ names with Black Lives Matter (BLM) logo for the first 12 matches when top flight football returns next week with the Premier League confirming they will also support those who wish to ‘take a knee’ before kickoff.

For live updates on BLM, click here.


There were 43 new cases recorded on June13. Total cases are 8,445 with one death recorded. Total deaths to date stands at 120 while recoveries have shot up to 7,311.


Many Malaysians headed/are heading for their hometown as interstate travel restriction has been lifted. Stay safe and keep your eyes on the road. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel with a song for you.


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