PM: Govt to speed up business approvals to attract investors

Efforts will be taken to ensure that those intending to set up businesses in Malaysia will enjoy speedy approvals.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said this was discussed during the Cabinet meeting this morning.

“From now on, the methods in which the government and the respective departments manage business approvals will have to be faster and more efficient,” said Anwar at a press conference this afternoon.

“The Chief Secretary to the Government and I will help coordinate, so that the process can be sped up. I believe this will help the respective departments (in approving business applications).”

Anwar said there were positive signs of foreign investors wanting to invest in the country.

“We have to show that the approval process and steps (in applying for businesses) are more effective than before.”

On the labour shortage issue, Anwar said the Human Resources Ministry and the Home Ministry have been told to look into it, especially in the service, agriculture, and construction sectors.

“We must focus on this. The delay in giving approvals will also cause output to be disrupted,” he added.

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