Police made ‘improper payment’ of RM17.76m for printing, mailing, of summonses, auditors reveal

The 2021 Auditor-General’s Report identified weaknesses in the payment of printing and mailing services of police summons notices.

According to the report that was released today, the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) made an “improper payment” amounting to RM17.76 million.

Government auditors also found that the service provider had appointed a subcontractor to manage the tender to provide printing and mailing services of the summons notices, worth RM32.58 million, five days after the provider had signed the acceptance letter for the project.

The audit was carried out between May 24 and July 22, 2022.

“Audit checks revealed that the payment for the printing and mailing services of 4.8 million summonses by the police, worth RM17.76 million had been paid, even before the service was carried out,” the report stated.

“Cross-checks by the auditors over the payment instructions and summary of the ‘Production of RMP’s Summons Notice’ report, provided by the company (identified as 227963-P) for January 2022, showed that the service provider had yet to print and mail the balance 212,705 summons notices, valued at RM790,000, compared to the 4.8 million summons notices that had been paid by the RMP.

“This is due to the weaknesses in RMP’s monitoring to ensure that the Mailing Docket Report is received before payment is made. The Mailing Docket Report was not handed to RMP as proof of delivery of notices to be mailed.”

The report also said that police had also issued a confirmation certificate without proof that the services had been carried out.

“Audit checks revealed that the service provider (227963-P) had appointed a subcontractor (988952-X) to supply, monitor, and manage the printing and mailing of RMP summons notices, with the contract valued at RM32.58 million on Dec 3, 2019. The appointment was made five days after the acceptance letter was signed.

The Home Ministry confirmed it had not provided any written approval to allow for the printing and mailing of the summonses to be subcontracted out.

Police also confirmed it had not received any written application from the service provider to appoint a subcontractor.

The audit statement highlighted that the appointment of a subcontractor without the Home Ministry’s approval violated the terms of the contract.

The Auditor-General’s Report recommended that RMP must:

– ensure payment is made in accordance with the agreement, and based on the actual number of summon notices printed and mailed by the service company

– effectively monitor the completion period of the service of printing and posting of summons notices, and take immediate action against any delays; AND

– enforce existing clauses of the agreement and improve the terms of the agreement to safeguard the interests of the government.

In replying to the Auditor-General’s office following the findings, the police, on Aug 15 and Nov 7, 2022, said it was carrying out an internal probe against officials responsible for signing off work that had yet to be completed, based on contractual requirements.

“Investigations are being carried out by Bukit Aman’s Integrity and Standards Compliance Department (JIPS) to identify any wrongdoing, and to take action or place a surcharge, if there has been any embezzlement (of funds) or abuse of power,” police said in its reply, as documented in the report.