PR firm celebrates ordinary people doing extraordinary work

In a 24/7 news cycle often dominated by stories of turmoil, suffering, war and bad news, it is easy to ignore the extraordinary people who selflessly go above and beyond to impact the lives of others and the environment.

Recognising that there is a shortage of feel-good stories, public relations firm Centriq PR launched WE.R.WIRA, a social impact initiative, to promote positivity by recognising the efforts of everyday unsung heroes.

A project a year in the making, launched on May 16 – in conjunction with International Day of Living Together in Peace – honoured 11 ‘superheroes’ who have made a difference.

They are Dr Syazana Ali (Noble Doctor), Oh Sok Peng (Refiller Mobile), Chee Lee Yoon and Hung Bee Ling (Hara Makers), Khairini Jamaluddin (WIP Healing Malaysia), Ravee Suntheralingam (Children’s Training Centre), Zuraini Anuar (We and I Art Collective), Armani Shahrin (NakSeni), Nalisa Alia Amin (model and body acceptance advocate), Beatrice Leong (Autism Inclusiveness Direct Action Group), Mohamed Tawfik Tun Dr Ismail (advocate for nation building and unity).

Season one features efforts and advocacy that address healthcare for marginalised communities, zero waste and upcycling, mental well-being support, autism awareness, empowering persons with disabilities, body acceptance, education for refugee children, and nation-building.

Centriq has produced short films on each ‘Wira’, with the first two already available on its YouTube channel.

A new video would premier every two weeks, with the last on Aug 30, a day before Merdeka.

Centriq PR managing director Jacqueline Arnold said Centriq is already working on a second season.

“WE.R.WIRA was conceptualised and created out of our hope for a peaceful and united country that will ensure a bright future for generations to come,” said Arnold.

“Our inspiration has been the countless heart-warming acts of compassion and selflessness by Malaysians during the Covid-19 lockdowns and the flooding in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam in December 2021.”

By featuring the efforts of ordinary people, WE.R.WIRA aims to inspire and motivate the rakyat that every person has the potential to help others – to be someone’s hero.

“We want to use the media to share the good news, moving and motivational stories that inspire people to help each other and ultimately help Malaysia become the best place to live,” she added.

Dr Syazana said WE.R.WIRA is a platform for like-minded people to meet and connect.

“I was surprised to be asked to be part of the project. Meeting the others here gives me a sense of community,” said Dr Syazana.

“Now that we have found each other, we can try to help each other. By working together, we can have 20 per cent effort and 80 per cent impact.

“Right now, for all of us, it is the other way around, and it can be tiring.”

Ravee thanked WE.R.WIRA for giving the unsung heroes a voice, as he said they usually shy away from publicity.

Meanwhile, Yayasan TM director Ainol Shaharina Sahar, who attended the launch at Muzium Telekom, said she was proud four of its ‘TEMU Weekends’ initiatives at its museums, from social enterprises and non-profit organisations, are part of WE.R.WIRA.

“As a purpose-driven social impact-based foundation, Yayasan TM is committed to developing the arts, creative ventures and culture through many community-based programmes at Muzium Telekom Kuala Lumpur and Telegraph Museum Taiping,” said Ainol.

“The unsung heroes who impact our lives by helping others are a fascinating part of our nation’s building, and we should not fail to recognise their efforts.”