Remote schools in Malaysia stay connected via Measat’s satellite broadband service

Close to 600 schools in remote locations in Malaysia are now enjoying high-speed wireless satellite broadband thanks to Measat Global Bhd.

The schools, including SK Biah Batu 65 in Beaufort, Sabah (main image), are connected via CONNECTme NOW, in line with Measat’s commitment to provide greater access to connectivity for education, especially in underserved rural communities.

“The CONNECTme NOW model is ideal for locations with little or no terrestrial
connectivity and provides equitable access and lower costs per school,” said Measat chief commercial officer, S. Ganendra.

“Measat is pleased to collaborate with Maxis to expand high-speed satellite broadband coverage to more schools through our CONNECTme NOW service.

“In this era when internet connectivity is a basic utility like water and electricity, satellite broadband can bridge the digital divide for the remaining three per cent of Malaysians in remote areas without telecommunications infrastructure.” Ganendra added.

The CONNECTme NOW service can dynamically allocate bandwidth on demand. As the quota allocation is provided on a per user basis, schools with populations of any size – small or large, can easily scale up using this architecture, addressing potential bandwidth congestion.

The Internet connectivity services will benefit teachers and students by offering download speeds of up to 100Mbps per location. Beyond the allocated quota for the school, additional quota can be purchased on a per user basis to meet personal consumption demands.

The service is supported by Measat.

Satellite broadband capacity is ideal for providing rapid, ubiquitous communications networks that are independent of geographical barriers or terrestrial infrastructure.

It is suitable for very remote locations that are difficult to access, or in terrains that are less feasible for normal terrestrial services or mobile towers.

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