Sports in school must be a year-round programme, says Education Ministry


The Education Ministry’s deputy director-general (School Operations), Azman Adnan, says schools that lack the budget for sporting activities, or do not have enough equipment, should ask the ministry for help as sports should be a year-round activity.

This comes after he announced that this year’s Malaysian School Sports Council (MSSM) Championship will be on a carnival basis in six venues – Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang, Selangor, and Perak.

Nonetheless, Azman was confident the athletes would set more records this year. Last year, there were 10 records at the MSSM athletics championship.

“Sports development (in schools) cannot be achieved in one day, one week, or one month. It must be a year-round activity,” said Azman, after launching the MSSM calendar at SJKC Yuk Chai in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, this morning.

“The MSSM is the climax of the sporting year, but for the other months, it is for the schools to organise and train their athletes.

“They should have their school sports day. Then, there are the inter-district events. After that, only the best will compete in the MSSM.”

When told by Twentytwo13 that parents in Subang Jaya had complained that their school’s badminton club did not have a budget for shuttlecocks, and that their children had to train outdoors, Azman said if any school did not have sufficient budget for sports, or lacked equipment, they could appeal to the ministry.

“They can seek our help, and we will see what we can do. We have many strategic partners who have been with us for a long time – some, more than 20 years – who can help, as some are involved in badminton,” said Azman.

He added that the idea for a carnival for this year’s MSSM was to make the event more enjoyable for the students and to allow parents to join in the activities.

The MSSM begins with the cross-country championship in Putrajaya from May 23-26, while Johor will host football, volleyball, chess, artistic gymnastics, archery, and squash during the school holidays (Sept 13-20).

Penang will host netball (Sept 14-20) and sailing, table tennis, sepak takraw, and softball (Sept 13-20).

Selangor, the overall champion for the past 12 years, will host handball, basketball, bowling, golf, rugby, and cricket (Sept 13-20), while aquatics, badminton, rhythmic gymnastics, hockey, and tennis, will be in Kuala Lumpur at the same time.

Athletics will be in Perak from Oct 18-25.

“By having events during the school holidays, teachers who are parents can also support their children,” said Azman.