Stay cool, MCO won’t last forever

Dear Diary,

The Movement Control Order (MCO) is getting on some people’s nerves.

While lining up to enter Giant in Subang Jaya, a couple of folks were arguing with the security guard and a worker because they weren’t allowed in.

They were also upset there weren’t any trolleys available.

First, only 100 customers are allowed to shop at any one time – physical distancing – it’s not a new rule.

Second, other workers were bringing back trolleys from the parking lot, so they got upset over nothing.

Third, we were queuing in an air-conditioned building not under the sun or rain so there was no need to get hot under the collar.

Lastly, unlike some other outlets, there is no time limit for shopping – although you are encouraged to finish as quickly as possible.

While we are so concerned about our “time”, spare a thought for those working as they have to maintain their cool while dealing with insufferable customers.

Here’s how Day 39 of MCO unfolded.

8.30am: BUKA PUASA OPTION – A Johor friend who now lives in Puchong swears by these dishes.

9.55am: SUPERHERO – Charity walk hero Captain Tom Moore became the oldest person to top Britain’s main music chart with the cover version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ that he appears on with singer Michael Ball and added a world fundraising record – £28.6 million (RM154 million) – to his accolades just days shy of his 100th birthday.

10.30am: MISSING FOOTBALL? – This is quite popular over WhatsApp.

12.44pm: FUEL IRONY – I just realised the last time I filled up petrol was 39 days ago. Since then, it has become so much cheaper, but there’s nowhere to go.

1.35pm: EVERYONE’S A BAKER – I managed to get most of the items on my shopping list but noticed the bakery section in Giant lacked several items, including yeast. I asked one of the employees and he joked: “Saya rasa semua orang buat roti.” Malaysia boleh bake!

2pm: ANOTHER EMCO – Selayang Baru Gombak, has been placed under Enhanced MCO.

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob tells Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) that Malaysian League matches will not be granted any exemption.

He also reveals 58 people are serving their sentences in special prisons temporarily designated for those guilty of flouting MCO.

2.33pm: GOOD SERVICE – Went to my usual bakery shop in USJ 14. They don’t allow anyone in. You give them your list and they fetch the items for you. They also encourage payment via e-wallet. Good job.

3.30pm: FLASHBACK – Don’t we all miss the good old days?

4.10pm: OUTPACING THE VIRUS – A total of 99 patients were discharged today, bringing the total number of those cured to 3,762. There were 51 new cases which makes it 5,742 while two deaths take fatalities to 98. Of the 51 new cases today, 39 are in Kuala Lumpur and 10 in Sarawak. There was one each in Selangor and Pahang.

5pm: PATIENCE – This is dedicated to the two uncles in Giant.


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