Subang Jaya’s SS14 residents in the dark about elevated road project in the neighbourhood

Subang Jaya’s SS14 residents hope to get more information about the elevated road project in the neighbourhood.

Subang Jaya’s SS14 residents have been having sleepless nights since May last year upon learning of the proposed Jalan Lagoon Selatan-Subang Kelana Link/Persiaran Kewajipan Elevated Road project in their neighbourhood.

The residents, who call themselves Subang Jaya SS14 Concerned And Affected Residents (CAREs) Group, believe the new elevated road project doesn’t benefit the township, and will cause traffic jams in their area.

The group’s lead coordinator, Woo Yuen Seng, said the project would impact the lives of 7,000 people living in SS14.

“We have never had issues with the other developments, but we feel that the elevated road will benefit Lagoon Selatan residents, instead of those living in Subang Jaya,” Woo said, adding that the proposed elevated road will pass in front many of the residents’ houses, and along the busy Persiaran Kewajipan.

Woo said there was an initial meeting with residents and the developer on May 19, last year. Two staff from Subang Jaya City Council’s engineering department, former Zone 1 councillor Ken Chia, and Subang Jaya assemblyman, Michelle Ng, were in attendance.

A second meeting was held on Oct 13.

During the meeting with the developers, residents enquired about the traffic diversion plans and the safety of the houses in front of the construction site, but were not satisfied with the answers given.

The residents then formed CAREs, with Woo as the lead coordinator.

It is learnt that the proposed project will take 30 months to complete. The expected construction works on the elevated pillars will impact the Jalan SS14/6M and Jalan SS14/8 junctions – where the present exit/entry points, to/from Persiaran Kewajipan are located.

Woo also said CAREs had also met Ng on Nov 23, and new Zone 1 councillor Balachandran Naicker, on May 11, to voice their concerns, but there have been no updates for nearly two months.

Woo (right) and several members of Concerned And Affected Residents (CAREs) Group
Woo (right) and several members of Concerned And Affected Residents (CAREs) Group.

“We are in the dark and we hope someone will shed some light on this,” said Woo.

“We want to be kept abreast of the situation and hope the local council, our assemblyman, and the developers engage with the residents before finalising plans for the elevated road.”

Woo said all the affected residents want, was to find an amicable solution.

“There is hardly any breathing space along Persiaran Kewajipan. If the elevated road project is approved, traffic into Subang Jaya, and out of it, will worsen,” said Woo.

Woo said residents were also concerned about the increased traffic into the neighbourhood, which has three schools – SK Subang Jaya, SK Sri Subang Jaya, and SMK Subang Jaya – during, and after, the construction period.

“The fear is that vehicles would divert into the inner roads to avoid traffic along Persiaran Kewajipan, and cause congestion in the neighbourhood,” said Woo.

Twentytwo13 reached out to the city council and is awaiting a response.