‘Tembak sendiri’ and shoot yourself in the foot

Have you noticed that many establishments are flouting the standard operating procedures (SOPs) by asking patrons to take their own temperature?

Well I have – multiple times at various places.

Now this begs the question – what is stopping patrons from putting the wrong temperature. Also, have you realised that some of the devices give ridiculous readings – with some registering below 35 degrees Celsius. That’s hypothermia.

Yesterday, Twentytwo13 editor Haresh Deol conducted an experiment at a premise along Jalan Ampang. He parked his car in the basement and made his way to the lobby without registering his details. There was a table, complete with a barcode and hand santiser at the basement but no one was manning it.

A guard saw him at the lobby and asked that his temperature be taken. When told to write down his details, Haresh said he had ‘scanned’ his details and the guard allowed him in without verifying.

He later penned down his details at a cafe within the premise.

Several other businesses have also been taking this scanning process lightly. Some merely leave the digital thermometers on the table, expecting patrons to check their own temperature before entering. There are also postings on social media of people highlighting how they have been asked to “tembak sendiri“.

Although the number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia is low, we need to be vigilant. Some countries, which thought they had beaten the coronavirus, suffered new waves of infections.

Let’s pray that doesn’t happen here.


As the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise at an alarming rate – 12.6 million – up from slightly more than 11 million a week ago, comes the bad news the virus is “likely to be airborne”.

On Wednesday, the World Health Organisation acknowledged new evidence that the coronavirus spreads more widely in the air than it had previously suggested.

It comes two days after it received an open letter signed by 239 scientists in 32 countries, outlined the growing body of evidence that shows the potential for the airborne spread of Covid-19.

If you didn’t already, please use a face mask at all times.


My wife and I went to Ikea last week. It was so crowded. To make it worse, some Covidiots brought young children and even babies in prams despite reminders there was no entry for those under 12.

I have no idea how they managed to get in as cars were stopped and checked before being allowed into the building. Kudos to the security guards and Rela personnel who turned them away when they tried getting in line.

However, while there was proper physical distancing at the entrance, all hell broke loose once inside.

I hope there is no Ikea cluster in the coming weeks.


American sprinter Noah Lyles ‘broke’ Usain Bolt’s 200m world record in the Inspiration Games yesterday.

Lyles clocked an amazing 18.90s to shatter the record of 19.19s which Bolt set 11 years ago. But his joy was shortlived as organisers revealed he ran only 185m because of a blunder.


Did you know the police made 1,236 drink-driving arrests from Jan 1 to June 15 this year?

The stats are appalling and one popular restaurant chain, Uncle Don’s, is doing something to stop its patrons from drink-driving by partnering with My Driver Group Sdn Bhd, the driver services and food delivery company behind Lailah.

The partnership will see Lailah providing driver services to all Uncle Don’s customers throughout the Klang Valley.

Patrons who drive to Uncle Don’s outlets but need a ride home after having one too many can contact the hotline 013-6282929 to book a ride home.


John Lee Hooker closes out the Diaries this week. If you drink this much, please don’t drive.


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