Twentytwo13 fulfills 25km walk, hands WAO RM14,100 as part of Project 60.1

There were tears of joy when Purwaiz Alam completed his 25km walk as part of Twentytwo13‘s Project 60.1 at the Subang Ria park yesterday.

Alam, who is Twentytwo13‘s senior copy editor, had raised RM14,100 in a bid to help the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) children’s programme that has been financially hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

But he didn’t stop there. Alam, who turned 61 yesterday, went on to walk for another kilometre as a tribute to those who had supported the cause.

Launched on Nov 1, Project 60.1 quickly gained traction with well-wishers also contributing to WAO directly for the cause.

WAO’s head of programmes, Joanne Melissa Wong and former WAO social worker M. Vaneezha, who helped promote Twentytwo13‘s initiative, also raised an additional RM11,000.

Alam waves at Twentytwo13 creative editor Amar Qastellani who was busy taking pictures of the walkers in action. Images: Amar Qastellani / Twentytwo13

“I felt emotional because I challenged myself and did something I had never done before,” said Alam.

“The money we raised can help the children in need.”

“I was in tears again in the evening when I opened an envelope that Joanne handed to me at the walk. It was filled with hand-made birthday cards from the children under WAO’s care and guidance.

Some of the birthday cards Alam received that were made by the children.

“There was so much love and my emotions got the better of me. It’s a birthday present that no amount of money can buy.

“It’s also a showering of love for everyone who contributed to the cause one way or other. It’s not my show. We did something good together. I was just the conduit.”

Twentytwo13‘s managing editor Pearl Lee said Alam was an inspiration for completing the 25km and adding another kilometre as his way to thank supporters of the project.

“Seeing him make the effort made me walk at least 11km. I’m also proud of our executive editor Graig Nunis who also completed the 25km walk,” said Pearl.

(L-R): Alam is joined by The Star journalists Aida Ahmad and Tan Ming Wai who also support the cause.
Graig all smiles as he completes his 25km walk in style.

Joanne completed the 25km walk. WAO president Yee Pek Mei also participated in the walk.

Twentytwo13 co-founder Haresh Deol and Joanne share a light moment during the walk.

“Besides Joanne and Yee, it was great to see several other WAO representatives joining the morning walk. As this was not an event, they all came at separate hours and walked.”

“Project 60.1 symbolises Twentytwo13‘s tagline of people’s perspectives, breaking boundaries. We are not only in the business of breaking news but also play our part in contributing to society in our own way.”

Project 60.1 is Twentytwo13‘s third project since the website went live in 2018.

All smiles as representatives from Twentytwo13 and WAO take a group picture while maintaining physical distancing.

On Nov 4, 2018, the news website organised ‘Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk‘ a 5km fun run at Padang Merbok. The name of the run was a play of words based on an amusing remark by then Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V in the Dewan Rakyat.

Despite the perceived sensitivity, over 800 runners took part, including representatives from Istana Negara, the Olympic Council of Malaysia and the Football Association of Malaysia.

On Nov 23, 2019, Twentytwo13 together with Malaysia Mixed Martial Arts Association organised Fight For Change 2019.

The highlight of the event, which was supported by the National Press Club (NPC) of Malaysia, saw our co-founder and editor Haresh Deol take on professional fighter Shareh Nasrullah. The event raised RM31,000 and the money was channeled to the NPC’s Journalist Welfare Fund.

Twentytwo13 readers and other fellow Malaysians can still donate directly to Women’s Aid Organisation at CIMB Bank Berhad 80-0238299-7 (Reference: Children’s Programme).