Two weeks in and some remain unsure about masks



Dear Diary,

It was supposed to be a lazy Sunday but instead, I was up bright and early – but far from cheery.

Nearly two weeks into the Movement Control Order (MCO), and the authorities are still sending mixed signals as to whether we should wear masks when we go out. Husbands, meanwhile, are as confused as politicians, when they go shopping.

Here’s how Day 12 of the MCO has unfolded for me.

7.15am: MYSTERY SOLVED, SORT OF – The plan was get up at noon but after another sleepless night I did discover one source of my restlessness. The unusually loud humming of the downstairs neighbour’s air-conditioner compressor! Guna kipas lah, kawan.

8.01am: CONFUSION CONTINUES – The early start gave me a chance to catch up on the news and I came across this tweet from senior consultant paediatrician Dr Amar Singh HSS.

So, wear or don’t wear? And please ensure the price of masks doesn’t skyrocket.

8.45am: FINGERS CROSSED – The Premier League may restart in July behind closed doors and finish over four to six weeks.

9.13am: ON YOUR OWNTenaga Nasional Berhad will halt meter reading operations and printed bills during MCO.

11.39am: SO, THAT’S WHY THERE’S NO BREAD – Is this why we have an artificial bread shortage?

Malaysia must have a lot of programmers.

12.14pm: GREAT JOB, DUDE – Didn’t know national hockey player Wan Hazrul Wan Nawi is a fireman with the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia.

Thanks for your effort and to all frontliners, we love you!

1.45pm: SHOPPING BLUESTwentytwo13 managing editor Pearl Lee went to a hypermarket (we know who wears the pants in that family) and saw many men struggling to find stuff on their shopping list. She says: “Husbands, just let your wives be the ketua keluarga, Okay.”

Our PM was also out shopping. Hope he buys items for EVERYONE in Bersatu. Images from Twitter (@MuhyiddinYassin)

2pm: HELP US HELP OTHERS – Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob – the person behind Lowyat 2/Mara Digital Mall (I wonder how that’s working out) – tells non-government organisations to channel aid via the Welfare Department to reduce the risk of transmission.

Hopefully, the aid reaches those who really need it.

3.35pm: CURRYING FLAVOUR – No recipe today but something food-related from the 50 Nerds of Grey Facebook page.

4.16pm: TERRIFYING TALES – If reading morbid articles turns you on, check out the ‘History of Outbreaks Collection’.

5.07pm: SCARY INCREASE – Death toll rises by seven to 34 and 152 new cases bring the total to 2,470.

6pm: LOST IN THE SUPERMARKET – Not my cup of tea, but this is dedicated to all the husbands buying groceries.

10.57pm: 35 DEATHS RECORDED: A 57-year-old woman who travelled to Indonesia passed away, bringing the total number of Covid-19 deaths in the country to 35.