Uncle Kentang offers homes at only RM1 a night for relatives of cancer patients seeking treatment

Family members of cancer patients accompanying their loved ones to Hospital Putrajaya or the National Cancer Institute in Putrajaya can stay at special homes for only RM1 per night.

The initiative, which started before Covid-19 hit, is thanks to social activist Kuan Chee Heng (main image), better known as Uncle Kentang.

However, a WhatsApp message regarding the initiative has been making its rounds in recent days.

Lee Kong Leong, the secretary of Pertubuhan Amal Uncle Kentang Malaysia, said there were three homes available for family members to stay in, as their loved ones obtained treatment.

“There’s a condominium unit in Putrajaya, and two houses in Puchong. Some well-wishers have provided their homes for us to use at RM1 per night,” said Lee.

“When we started the RM1 ambulance service, we got feedback from patients and family members about the need for a temporary home. We have even seen some husbands or family members sleeping in the corridors of hospitals as their loved ones were being treated because they couldn’t afford accommodation nearby.”

The RM1 per night fee is inclusive of the facilities in the house.

Lee explained that transportation from the home to the hospital is available via the organisation’s other initiative – the 10 sen taxi service.

“The reason why our service resurfaced could be because more and more people are seeking for such an accommodation as they accompany their family members for treatment,” said Lee.

Kuan was instrumental in initiating several other programmes, including a RM1 hearse service. His team, via the organisation, also distributes food, and provides aid to the needy.

His organisation also has a shelter home for abused and homeless women.

“We would like to help as many people as possible. Those who need our services can contact our service centre at +603-8065 6666, from 9am to 5pm.” Lee added.

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