Where have all the Ramly burgers gone?

Dear Diary,

Late last night, news broke Bill Withers who wrote classics like ‘Ain’t no sunshine’ and ‘Lean on me’, died from heart complications. He was 81.

Many of us have gone without sunshine (well, maybe a slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean), since the Movement Order Control (MCO) began.

To ensure MCO is not extended, please, please, stay at home. Only go out to get the essentials such as groceries and food.

Here’s a visual aid of what might happen if you remain stubborn.

Anyway, here’s how Day 18 of the MCO unfolded.

8.25am: WE’RE IN A VIDEO GAMETwentytwo13 reader Kuganeson Poologasingam shares his shopping experience

9.13am: IT’S REAL, RIGHT? – To get in the mood for WrestleMania which for the first time will be over two days (tomorrow and Monday morning in Malaysia), I watched ‘Fighting with my family’. I recorded it when Astro showed it in January. I guess being locked at home has its perks after all.

10am: COVIDIOT OF THE DAY – Badminton Association of Malaysia secretary Kenny Goh tweets a story alleging Shah Alam City Council MPP Zone 9 councillor Yugarajah Palanisamy and three friends disobeyed MCO by playing badminton in a hall.


12.52pm: NO JOKE – I thought Oliver Tan was pulling a fast one when he sent me this picture but news reports confirmed it.

1.37pm: BURGER CRAVING – Went to Giant as I wanted to buy Ramly patties and other groceries. Sadly, it was all out of Ramly burgers – again. The craving continues …

2.22pm: ANOTHER CLOWN – Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris students were reportedly made to train TOGETHER for a performance ahead of Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad’s visit. Why do we still pander to the politicians?

3.59pm: FACT STRANGER THAN FICTION – In 2005, Scottish author Peter May wrote a novel ‘Lockdown’ about a global pandemic. He faced rejection for 15 years as it was deemed too unrealistic. Well, guess what? The book was finally published on Thursday.

5.14pm: FOUR MORE DEATHS – There are four more deaths, taking the total to 57. The number of Covid-19 cases is now 3,483 after 150 new cases were recorded.

6pm: LEAN ON US: Twentytwo13 is here for you. Take care folks and rest in peace, Withers.