Will there be a silver lining to MCO 3.0?

We may not have expected it to happen, but here we are, back at square one this Hari Raya in another Movement Control Order (MCO).

Frustration, fear and sadness were felt nationwide this Syawal, wrote Twentytwo13 managing editor Pearl Lee in her fortnightly column in news portal Getaran.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said new Covid-19 variants with higher infection rates, the toll on the public health system and the lack of adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs) forced the government to take drastic measures to prevent the country from heading into a tragedy.

Many, according to Pearl, had questioned the move, asking why the MCO announcement was made days before Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and not much earlier.

However, she added many – city folks and those in rural areas – are guilty of not adhering to the SOPs.

She said it was nauseating to see people do as they wish as they disregard their safety and those around them.

Pearl shared how she ticked off a waiter at a restaurant in Ampang recently for not donning a mask. His reply? A mere “Ya, ya, ya”.

She later realised the cooks and cashier were also without face masks.

“Perhaps these people think they are immune and will not infect others nor get infected by Covid-19. Maybe the owner feels his business was flourishing and does not need community support,” Pearl wrote.

“There are many others who continue to flout the SOPs including using their wrists to check their body temperatures, wearing their masks under their chins and not adhering to physical distancing.

“Where are we headed and what can we learn from MCO 3.0?” she asked.

To read the column, visit getaran.my.

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