Zero deaths but fear lingers

Dear Diary,

Today, while in a queue to buy lunch, I coughed a few times and received plenty of scared stares – (despite wearing a mask) – and some people moved away, unfortunately, the line was still long.

It is apparent while we are about to enter the final week of the Movement Control Order (MCO), people are still afraid, although we can celebrate today as there were no deaths from Covid-19.

I also learnt it is bad to burp when wearing a mask.

Here’s how Day 34 of MCO unfolded.

7.39am: ERRANT DATUK – Woke up to news police detained two men including a Datuk for violating MCO. Among the items seized are tools believed to be used for stealing vehicles.

8.01am: BRAVE SOULS – While some Americans want an end of the lockdown, there are some who stood up to them.

8.15am: DRY TAPS – British cabinet minister Michael Gove says pubs and even restaurants may only be given the green light to reopen in December. Should the same be done here?

9.11am: CANADIAN TERROR – 16 people were killed, including a gunman disguised as a police officer in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

9.27am: BAD MOVE – Consumers Association of Penang is shocked the Social Security Organisation (Socso) has agreed to bear Covid-19 screening fee for all employees who had to work during MCO.

10.13am: HARD TO TRACK – Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan warns it’s difficult to control and track the spread of the coronavirus among illegal workers as they are not covered by medical insurance.


12.48am: WHAT A BARGAIN! – Bought a bottle of Dettol (250ml) for RM15.50 at AA Pharmacy in Taipan, Subang. It’s going for twice that or more on the online shops.

1.12pm: DOUBTFUL ABOUT OLYMPICS – Kentaro Iwata, a professor of infectious diseases at Kobe University says he is “pessimistic” the postponed Olympics can be held in 2021.

2pm: MORE AREAS UNDER EMCO – Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaacob announces Enhanced MCO in areas surrounding Selayang market – but the market remains open. The EMCO period is from today until May 3. Is this a hint MCO will be extended beyond April 28?

He also updated the number of people arrested yesterday for flouting MCO – 1,174 ordinary folk (and 0 Members of Parliament).

3.54pm: GOING SOUTH – There were 1,426 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore as of noon today.

4.30pm: NATIONAL DUTY – Tottenham’s South Korean star Son Heung-min begins three weeks of military service.

5.29pm: PRE-BIRTHDAY PRESENT – There were no deaths from Covid-19 for the first time in a month. That is certainly great news for Health Ministry director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah whose birthday is tomorrow.

Meanwhile, there were 36 new cases – the lowest tally since MCO began. That brought the total to 5,429 cases with 98 discharged, taking the total cured to 3,295 or 60.74 per cent.

However, we have to be cautious as Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa says 15,000 people living in the EMCO area near the Selayang wholesale market will be screened for Covid-19.

6pm: BEFALLEN – Meet Avienne, a Malaysian who is the lead singer of a Metal Band in Portland, Oregon.

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