A smile costs nothing … unless you’re in sales


We are so often reminded that a smile can light up one’s life.

This is especially true when you have been busy running errands and then have to buy an electrical item.

It can be trying at the best of times but even worse on the opening days of the new year, with school to look into, a missing transporter, tons of bills to pay and being stuck in traffic with the car air-cond on the fritz.

But off my wife and I went to the row of electrical shops near our home – both of us perspiring like crazy, feeling tired and run down.

At the first shop, we stated our budget and the sales assistant and his protégé took us around, explained the difference in prices and brands and gave their recommendation.

We saw a refrigerator which was slightly above our budget but it looked good.

We told the sales reps we would be back after checking out the competition and they were fine with it – the senior guy even gave us his name card and told us to get in touch once we got the right measurements.

Confession … we didn’t measure the space (to fit the space between the kitchen cabinet) as we didn’t expect to have time to go to the shops.

The next shop was a more popular outlet, but one we haven’t been to since one of its salesmen, a Bangladeshi, left for home many years ago.

We bought several items from him through the years as he was a pleasant chap who really knew his stuff.

Since then, the locals who have replaced him have been less than accommodating … as was the case this time too.

Once again, we stated our budget. While the salesman took us around, we saw a fridge that looked good, so we pointed to it.

He replied: “That one is out of your budget. No point looking.”

Needless to say, we ended the ‘tour’ even though we had also spied a fridge which was below our budget and looked a good fit.

The sales lady at the third shop was very pleasant, a big smile on her face and patient as she gave us the rundown on the best fridges to buy.

And once again, a model outside our price range caught the eye.

So now we have a decision to make for our new fridge – but the only thing we are certain is that shop No 2 although having a cheaper option, is out of the question.

A smile costs nothing … but its absence can lead to you losing a sale.