Adieu, Gerard Lazarus and Abang Nayan

One was a lawyer, the other a journalist.

We became friends when I was assigned to the court beat, more than a decade ago.

Both men had wonderful personalities and a legendary sense of humour.

Gerard Lazarus, 52, (main image, left) was a prominent lawyer from Klang, having handled many high-profile cases.

He was also involved in charity work and also served the Rotary Club of Klang.

With his signature blue or pink tie, Gerard would flash his pearly whites to almost anyone as he walked along the corridors of the courthouse.

He made time for journalists and would patiently simplify legal jargon when things became slightly difficult to comprehend.

Mohd Nayan Abdul Rahman, 68, or better known as Abang Nayan, (main image, right) was a veteran journalist who served several newsrooms under the Media Prima Group.

He may not have been a six-footer, but he too was a towering figure in the courthouse.

Abang Nayan was always the first to know if a prominent figure was to be brought to court.

Always armed with a video camera, Abang Nayan from Hulu Klang, Ampang, was never short of jokes. Suffice to say he made all those long hours of waiting (as court reporters can relate) bearable.

When I was on the beat, Abang Nayan would diligently call almost every morning. His opening line would be: “Pearl kat KL ke Shah Alam? Ada kes menarik ke hari ni? (Are you at the KL or Shah Alam court. Any interesting cases today?)”

I last met Gerard and Abang Nayan three years ago when I started Twentytwo13.

A few weeks ago, Gerard and Abang Nayan contacted me, just days apart of each other.

It came as a surprise as we had not communicated for some time.

We spoke about several things, including current affairs, court cases and family.

Abang Nayan said he had not been well but insisted “we must catch up for tea” when he got better.

I was to have a discussion with Gerard how he could contribute to Twentytwo13.

But these plans were not meant to be.

On Friday, I received news of their passing, just minutes apart.

I was shaken.

How could it be that two friends (who knew each other) contact me just days apart and leave so suddenly on the same day?

I thought about the things we talked about during our last conversation and wondered if I had said enough.

I will never know.

Rest well my friends. Until we meet again.

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