After KJ pothole episode, ministers with pails can solve water cut woes overnight… not!

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin hits a pothole and falls while taking a joyride on his super-expensive bicycle.

He posts a picture of the superficial facial injuries and he gets a super-efficient JKR (Jabatan Kerja Raya) apologising to him in double quick time.

The people are incensed.

“We fall in potholes and die all the time but nothing is done.”

“Even our phone calls go unanswered! What about us, JKR (Jaga Kepentingan Rakyat)?”

Since we can’t change that attitude, could we work around it to our advantage?

Maybe we have a solution to the regular water cuts in Selangor.

Ministers could queue up with pails in hand at the tanker when there’s a water cut in the state the next time – which should be any day now given the recent trend.

It would be better if the minister’s young children, half asleep, also queued up late at night. Don’t worry about the social distancing. The authorities are not going to bother anyone, especially so if you are a minister.

Guess what? Our water problems will be solved overnight!

The responsible authority will then tweet: “We apologise to the minister, his/her spouse and their children for having undergone such stress and difficulty. We will take immediate action on this issue and ensure it never happens again.”

And trust me, it will never happen again!

The sad part is what I have suggested is just a fairytale. What will never happen in reality is a minister queuing up to collect water.

We will instead get some VIP’s wife posting pictures of how a tanker came to fill up their swimming pool and their family having a gala time. Hooray!

Lastly, I’ll do what the authorities don’t have the audacity to do – I apologise to the rakyat, especially the people of Selangor, for falsely getting their hopes high.

The water cuts will go on – until the day you see a minister carrying a pail of water and walking back to his/her house.


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