Amateurish TikTok vids just don’t tick for companies

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought businesses to their knees, affecting the livelihoods of many and affecting the financial ecosystem.

It has also seen the mushrooming of video creators – most of them unleashing their video editing skills on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

We have since adapted to working, teaching and learning from home. Certain corporations, meanwhile, seem comfortable using free online editing tools and unqualified video editors to get their message across to cut costs.

Even if such jobs were given out to freelancers, it would be acceptable.

But some brands think they can get the job done by simply making videos using free applications like Filmora, Toonly or Pixeloop.

These tools, readily available online, are best for personal use. For some “influencers”, it serves the purpose of having to edit on-the-go videos while travelling.

It, however, does not involve hours of brainstorming to place a product for a specific audience.

What companies risk is the professional touch.

So why do you think Merdeka advertisements cost so much? Because they do!

An agency will do research, and handle copyright issues, storyboards, editing work, designing, copywriting, talents and much more.

Every element is important for a message to be heard.

It’s the same even for a simple poster or festive greeting. It is 2020, yet some brands use ready-made online templates and add the company name using basic editing tools.

The amateurish result reflects on the company as a whole.

Collective minds are needed to see things differently, to ensure designs and creativity constantly stand out.

Such stiff competition will only make those within the industry work harder, en route to elevating creativity levels in the country.

Companies, in wanting to make a difference, need to hire professionals now more than ever. Through the help of professional minds, consumers will once again be the priority.


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