Are Covidiots and Car-Idiots one and the same?

Sometimes I wonder if those who used to break rules during the earlier part of the Movement Control Order (MCO), and motorists who cause distress on the roads, are one and the same. Or maybe they are closely related. You know – Covidiots and Car-idiots?

My suspicions are based on the similar traits these two have. Both don’t follow rules. They also endanger the lives of others. And the biggest giveaway is the last six letters of their moniker are identical.

The Covidiots have taken a back seat now (although there still are cases on a daily basis) but the Car-Idiots are back on full throttle.

I missed the loss of freedom of movement but I certainly never missed driving with Car-idiots for company during the first few weeks of the MCO which began on March 18.

Here are some of the traffic annoyances that have made a triumphant comeback (Yes, these issues have been mentioned many times before but let’s take this as a refresher):


It was so beautiful in the early MCO days. Driving was a breeze on the unusually empty roads. That did have a downside – it seemed eerie – and it was a wee bit sad.

I am, however, more sad now when I see the non-stop traffic flow. That doesn’t mean everyone who is stuck in jams is a Car-idiot – just those who weave in and out as if it would save them a whole lot of time. They irritate me to no end.


These ones think they can do as they please. As is commonly said in Malaysia: “Hello, you think your grandfather’s road?”

That may sound crude but it is irksome when you see motorists dashing across and beating the lights like they are about to miss their flight. A number of motorcyclists do it too. They may not be Car-idiots but they sure are worthy equals. Not scared ah?


Why do some people love to double park and then disappear three roads away? At least leave your phone number lah! And among them are the bullies. They come and start scolding you because they didn’t like you honking for the past 20 minutes.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir for making all that noise and irritating you. I’m so thoughtless. Please forgive me”.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with overtaking (in a safe manner) at certain stretches where it’s allowed. But doing it along narrow roads or at bends just drives me round the bend. Again – not scared ah?


This is not about Car-idiots but it is still a pain in the you-know-where. These are not the MCO roadblocks. Those were lifted some time back. I am referring to roadblocks where three lanes become one because the enthusiastic traffic policemen want to catch you on your phone. It must be thrilling for them. I thought I had seen the last of them. I’d be happier if they used the manpower to help ease traffic congestion instead of contributing to it. I’ve several times counted up to eight policemen at these roadblocks.


Looking at the positive side, maybe I shouldn’t grumble too much. The return of these annoyances also indicates that we are moving on from where we left off before the MCO.

Happy driving!

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