As Covid-19 poses mental health risks, speak to someone and stay positive

“Hi, boss. I hope you can check and approve my application as a delivery rider. I lost my job two weeks ago and I really need this,” pleaded Ahmad (not his real name), accompanied by the cries of a baby in the background.

This was one of the heaviest pleas David had heard in his three years going through job applications and recommending hirings for a delivery company.

Such applications have surged in recent times – a clear sign that companies are downsizing and are forced to release their employees. Those who lost their jobs have nowhere else to go but to be gig workers.

Amos (not his real name) is a nine-year-old who revealed he remained sacred despite being allowed to meet up with his friends as “the coronavirus can be anywhere”. Amos said wearing the face mask was “uncomfortable” and “hard to breathe”.

A father of three, Kong Howe (also not his real name) was frustrated with the political scenario in the country as the wellbeing of the people was being neglected.

He believes the government should have given out more help and incentives to the people as many are struggling to put food on the table.

Kong said his company had reduced his salary but he remained grateful that he still had a job.

Pn Hasnah (not her real name) shared it has been difficult to cope with new teaching methods that were predominantly via online platforms as many of her students did not have access to proper internet connection or gadgets.

She said some parents went the extra mile to save up as much as they could to buy the gadgets, only for the authorities to re-open schools.

“I wish the timing was better,” Hasnah added.

Anjali (not her real name) misses her family terribly as she has not seen them for months.

“At least we still call and talk to each other. But I really hope to see them soon,” she said.

As evident in the real-life scenarios above, the Covid-19 pandemic has severely disrupted our lives.

While financial concern is top on the minds of many, the state of our mental health should not be neglected.

During these challenging times, we are prone to anxiety, feeling negative and powerless. Most of us have no other choice but to just soldier on.

The pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health – and it does not discriminate, regardless of age or background.

It is important that you speak to someone if you must. Cultivation of coping habits varies – some prefer to watch movies, some work out while others keep in touch with friends.

One of the best ways is to practice gratitude.

Focusing on what we have, instead of what we don’t, alters our perception in a more positive way.

At least, we now have the Covid-19 vaccine and hope that everything will be all right soon. We shall overcome this together.

This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Twentytwo13.

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