At the mercy of an OCD partner

The following “conversation” took place (again) a few days ago:

Me: Madam (my wife), where’s my blue shorts with the stripes at the side?

Wife: Same place as always.

Me: No, it’s not there. I’ve looked in the cupboard three times.

Wife: It’s there.

So I go and look for the shorts a fourth time but it’s just not there.

Me: I can’t find it!

Wife: Aiyoh, you ah!

Then she goes to the cupboard, half irritated, opens the cupboard door, pulls out the bottom drawer, and presto! She pulls out the blue shorts with the stripes.

Wife: What is this?

Me: My shorts lah. Can you stop moving my clothes around?

Wife: I don’t. Your wardrobe is messy all the time. I have to arrange the clothes in an orderly manner.

Me: Whatever!

And that’s how the fight began.

I keep asking myself why does she have to move my clothes around like it’s a game of musical chairs? Why?

One consolation is that I am not alone in this. There are many others who “suffer silently” because their other half has Organising Cupboard Disorder (OCD).

Yes, I know she cares so she wants to make sure everything is in order, but but but …

This form of OCD is also not a gender thing.

I have quite a few guy friends who can drive their other half up the wall.

There’s this guy who is always checking the fridge, not for food but to make sure everything is properly packed and arranged in such a way that there’s space for more food. But then they don’t intend to put more food in.

I sympathise with his wife and children. Hang in there. This Over-Calculating Dude is doing it because he cares.

We, the victims, have been called messy, untidy, lazy and a few other names. These labels are most unfair!

What may seem messy to others is our way of being comfortable and at ease with where we have left our things. In other words, there’s method to our so-called messiness. So dear wife and others with the everything-must-be-in-order tendency, please give us a break.

I have to end this article now because I’m finding it hard to look at the screen. At this age, my eyesight is anything but getting better.

Me: Madam!!! Where did you put my reading glasses???