Bird-brained actions prove Muhyiddin’s point

People are going bonkers!

Otherwise, how do you explain the following bird-brained actions these past few days while our backs are against the wall in the Covid-19 battle?

First, it’s the case of the free frozen chickens. Umno Youth in Putrajaya was feeling generous and offered 2,000 free frozen chickens. Hundreds of people turned up in cars and on motorcycles, clogging up the roads in Precinct 9 (main image).

Yes, the organiser has been fined although the amount is not known. What we know is they lied about having approval from the National Security Council. They were also not truthful about following standard operating procedures (SOPs). The evidence is in the pictures and videos which are all over social media.

What were they thinking?

Second, there was more trouble with the feathered species “implicated” again through no fault of theirs. This time it was parrots.

It was not as massive as the chicken incident but a few people thought it would be fun to play with their birds at a field in Subang Jaya.

They say birds of a feather flock together. True enough, the parrot parade saw about half a dozen others joining the fun. The video and pictures on social media show hardly anyone wearing face masks. There were two or three who had masks on but they were only protecting their fragile chins.

There’s been no official news on this yet, but based on the “evidence” that is available, including a short note from an Uncle Garie, these people had their feathers clipped soon enough by the authorities.

What were they thinking?

Third, some people at a quarantine centre in Likas, Sabah decided they wanted to “fly higher” than our feathered friends in the sky.

A video of a group of them having beers went viral and the incident is being investigated.

How did the beer get there in the first place? Certainly, the stork doesn’t make such deliveries.

What were they thinking?

All these incidents seem to prove Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin was right. He had said on Tuesday when announcing MCO 2.0 that people’s mental health could be affected during this period. I’m not going to argue with him on that.

Muhyiddin also said people would be allowed to exercise but not in groups. At most, it would be two people from the same household together.

What is enraging is the way the authorities have been flip-flopping on the opening of parks, among others. Open one day, closed the next, then open again, and closed again.

I am fully aware of the website cited by Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. That is where you can supposedly check or confirm the SOPs.

No, thank you. At the rate you people keep changing the rules, how would I know if the website is up to date?

Being an ardent walker, it is really frustrating for me that there’s so much confusion.

The situation is making me go cuckoo. I would fly away from all this if I could. Alas, I’ll have to make do with a walk in the neighbourhood.