Busting ghosts and playing a role

T’was the night before the premier … all was peaceful, out in the night.

Or so it seemed, as light rolled out of sight, into a deep blue tint. Imaginary howls and ghoulish laughter invaded the minds of some.

Then, lurking in the shadows were men. Seemingly normal men.

One was busy with a super last-minute washing of his overalls, while muttering: “Damn, I should have done this last week”.

Another, was bleeding from pinpricks, while sewing on patches, sobbing softly and sighing, resigned to continue this endless task.

The thought of almost finishing, spurred him on.

A third continued to polish his already gleaming boots, adamant at having it shine like the bright spotlights illuminating a distant football field.

Others were in deep slumber … some dreaming, others drooling, all in their world for that moment.

Their moment will converge at the light of day when they gather with a sense of purpose, one that they had waited for years to arrive.

On that day, with unbridled enthusiasm, they donned their uniforms, one of which was still slightly damp, despite his attack with a hairdryer.

Lifting their heavy packs on their backs, strapping a bevy of tools on their belts, and with the tightening of their combat boots, they set off. Shoulders back, heads held high, steady and confident steps, taking them closer to their destination … THE CINEMA!

After two years of being away from the cinemas, these men, who have dressed up as their favourite Ghostbusters characters, were invited for the premiere of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. It was a movie that they had waited for more than 30 years for.

(Yes, there was a Ghostbusters movie about five years ago, the one with Mr Thor acting in it, alongside those funny female Ghostbusters, but the last movie I was referencing was Ghostbusters II, which came out in 1989.)

Everyone present looked, some pointed and smiled, a few giggled, but almost everyone took the opportunity to take photos of them, and with them, making them celebrities for the night.

Hard not to gawk at the bunch of men in full Ghostbusters regalia, ready and waiting for their chance to watch the movie.

As they posed and put their character face on, they helped to bring a slice of that ‘reality’ to life, to make the movie an even more exciting experience.

While cosplaying may be odd for some, to them, the cheers, jeers, and snickers are part and parcel of what they love.

It may not necessarily be something they look forward to, but for those who cosplay, the act of “suiting up” into a character, can bring about a sense of belonging.

Sometimes, it is just a way to bond with the very essence of their childhood. Some see it as an escape. For others, a way to share what they are passionate about, to bring joy and laughs, and to put smiles on the faces of those around. Sometimes, just a way to mingle with like-minded comrades, to make new friends, even.

But mostly, cosplaying is a lot of fun.

By the way, Ghostbusters: Afterlife turned out to be an unexpected gush of fresh air while taking fans straight into a rollercoaster ride of emotive nostalgia.

Main image by John Gullidge.

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