Diplomacy, a meaningless word in the Palestinian-Israeli war

While the Islamic heads of state deliberate on the fate of the Palestinian people, the Israeli armed forces are continuing their slaughter of Palestinian citizens, including women and children, in a bloodlust frenzy.

These indiscriminate killings target homes, hospitals, mosques, churches, and refugee camps. Being unable to specifically target Hamas, they just bomb, slaughter, and massacre anything and everything they suspect is linked to Hamas.

Their objective is not so much to target Hamas, but to annihilate all Palestinians from Gaza and the occupied territories to make way for the ‘Greater Israel’, which was initially established illegally by Britain and America.

The feeble response by the members of the Organisation of Islamic States (OIC) to this carnage underlines the incompetence, lethargy, and complete irrelevance of this organisation in conflict resolution affecting the ummah, which includes the Palestinians.

One had expected a call to action to respond to the Israeli atrocities that have killed over 12,000 Palestinians, in retaliation to the purported Hamas killings of 1,200 Israelis on Oct 7, that have not been independently verified.

An Arab and Islamic Summit in Saudi Arabia earlier this month was nothing more than a public relations job to appease the Muslim world of its inaction due to some of its members’ subservience to America and Israel.

As expected, the meeting was full of rhetoric with no concrete action, only calling on the international community to apply diplomatic pressure on Israel to stop the violence. In fact, several Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, a close ally of America’s, opposed meaningful concrete actions against this rogue Jewish state.

It is a hypocritical display of tenuous unity, a farce. These Arab states have a tribal-cocooned mentality of self-preservation and are not concerned with the slaughter of the Palestinians. They are only giving lip service to this one-sided conflict.

Diplomacy does not work with war-mongering nations that have a superior military advantage over its adversaries. Especially with the backing of some of the most powerful nations on Earth. How do you engage in diplomacy with a terrorist state that have imprisoned the Palestinians in a walled concentration camp, subjecting them to such barbaric atrocities that make Genghis Khan look like a novice?

They have no compunctions in killing babies in incubators, children, women, and the elderly. The barbaric Israelis regard them as potential terrorists and, therefore, are justified in killing them, in addition to being regarded as gentile.

How do you engage in diplomacy with such a people, who have had a long history of abusing, killing, and maiming the Palestinians, who are being treated worse than animals, deprived of basic human rights?

Israel has no respect for anybody or any international institutions. No number of protests condemning their scourge will deter them from continuing with the slaughter and massacre of the helpless Palestinians.

Diplomacy will not work for them because they have the upper hand, especially when America supplies them with military assets such as tanks, white phosphorous and other lethal bombs to kill defenceless Palestinian citizens.

Diplomacy may work when the opposing side has equal military strength, where the antagonists know that continued aggression will bring dire consequences to both sides.

Despite having superior military strengths, the stronger side may underestimate the tenacity of its weaker opponent, whose resistance may drain the military assets of the stronger side and undermine its economy. Such a situation could force it to accede to a diplomatic engagement.

This is happening in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel is reeling from heavy manpower and asset losses against the Hamas, who are using guerrilla warfare tactics.

The four-day ceasefire brokered by Qatar is testimony to this. Had Israel been winning on all fronts, it would not relent to a ceasefire, as it, and its American lackeys had vowed to annihilate Hamas within a short period.

But the war has dragged on for more than six weeks, and Israel has not been able to destroy Hamas, succeeding only in killing innocent citizens, including infants, children, women, and the elderly.

More important are the worldwide protests, condemning Israeli atrocities and American connivance in perpetrating the genocide against the Palestinians. Israel is now the most hated country in the world.

Diplomacy has not worked in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because Israel, America, Britain, and their cohorts are not interested in resolving the conflict, but to obliterate Palestine and its people, and replace it with the ‘Greater Israel’.

And the United Nations, which is supposed to be the supreme seat of diplomacy in the quest for global peace has failed, because countries like Israel and America have failed to abide by the principles and tenets of the United Nations to seek a peaceful path to conflict resolution.

The UN will remain so, as a place of rhetorical imbroglio, where diplomacy only exists in name, and not in substance.

The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the writer and do not necessarily represent that of Twentytwo13.

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