Doing the noble thing the right way


There are many NGOs and NGIs that work tirelessly to improve the lives of fellow humans and also animals.

We can be certain that most are big hearted and do what they do with sincerity and with the intention of helping others. There might be a bad apple or two but that happens in any other situation. We’ll stick to talking about those with a heart of gold.

There are many facets to volunteerism, particularly charity work. It’s not only about money whereby you do your part by contributing a certain amount and that’s it.

Yes, money is very important to get things done and thankfully there are many good Samaritans out there who willingly chip in to do their part. Then there’s the other part – going to the ground and making sure the right people get the right aid.

This is where the NGOs and NGIs come in.

It is heartening to note that charity work in Malaysia has flourished, especially over the past decade or so, especially with the extended reach that social media provides.

Despite all the good intentions, sometimes these good people who sacrifice their time and effort are criticised for their efforts, much of it having to do with lack of coordination.

For example, soup kitchens used to distribute food to the hungry homeless in certain areas in Kuala Lumpur. But then there would be times where different soup kitchens would go to the same area albeit at different times. So instead of going hungry, people were collecting food only to throw it away as there was just too much food.

The good news is things are changing and many NGOs have worked out ways to maximise the benefits for the hungry and homeless and prevent food wastage.

Doing the noble thing is the right thing but not necessarily the appropriate thing in certain circumstances.

Everyone wants to do their part in their own way but there must be practicality in whatever we do.

In other words, priorities have to be set right. A barefooted person will need a pair of slippers more than a shirt maybe. Children living in slums need health checks more than they need a treat at KFC or McDonald’s.

All said, charity workers are gems who go about making things better for others without any qualms.

They are unsung heroes and most prefer to remain such. Their reward is seeing the less fortunate picking themselves up and making a better life for themselves.

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