Don’t belittle your potential, my co-citizens

Dare to take risks

I am not referring to groups of people. I am referring to the individual – you.

It may surprise you when you look back into your history from the time you were born up till now. Did you honestly think you could have achieved whatever you have achieved?

Have you even thought that you could handle what you are handling now? It could be anything – your current job or position, being a parent, giving a speech or writing an article.

In my case, I think not. I may have had dreams, some of which may have come true. However, I’d like to believe that even though in many instances I had unconsciously and sometimes consciously made the effort to achieve them, I still feel many of those dreams would have been beyond my earlier practical expectations.

To me, what it means is this: all of us have within us the capacity, that great pool of power to do “great things” if we want to. It doesn’t matter the current helpless state of our position. 

The fact remains we have the potential that we don’t realise. When we achieve some of our dreams, we initially feel elated over attaining the “impossible”.

However, in life we often encounter wet blankets (usually people we know or are close to) who remind us to be “practical” in our dreams. They remind us to take the “safe and tested road”. This advice is okay if you know exactly what it means.

To me, what it means is be average, don’t dare to dream beyond the average person, limit yourself and limit your potential.

If that is what you really want, then it is okay.

On the other hand, if you think only your Creator knows your true potential, then you would just do what you do to the best of your ability.

I am mindful that even my abilities may change in the future due to achieving smaller goals.

Further, you may not be too motivated to walk the “safe and tested road” and you feel that you want to do “something for the world before you finally die”. It could be anything that you have a deep strong urge for.

It doesn’t matter if the world laughs at you and says it is not achievable. At the end of the day, you still have to live through life – better you live the life you want rather than the life others want of you.

I am naturally saddened when people belittle their abilities without realising, whether it is in personal or public space.

Of course all of us have certain challenges which may not be permanent limitations though we may be constrained by circumstances at a specific time of our lives.

We have to learn to understand whether this recognition of “limitations” is an excuse or a realistic assessment that can be rectified.

At the end of the day, whatever our circumstances, we are the ones who paint the story of our life – whether we take “control” of it or just float like a tyre in the ocean.

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