Don’t expect much from Biden as harbinger of change

It is hoped that Joe Biden’s triumph in the US presidential election is a harbinger of good tidings to the world community.

But the question is, will Biden continue the previous administration’s policies or will he ameliorate it by taking a different diplomatic trajectory and subdue the hawkish stance?

The previous administration under Donald Trump took an adversarial stance as an integral part of American foreign policy, confronting and challenging China with trade and tariff sanctions, and withdrawing from the World Health Organisation and the Paris Climate Agreement.

He antagonised and demeaned Islam and Muslims through his policy of racial profiling Muslims and designating certain Muslim countries as rogue states.

He even labelled all Muslims as potential terrorists and encouraged white supremacists.

He took a belligerent stance against countries, such as Iran and Afghanistan and the Palestinians who refuse to toe the American agenda, while those that are pliant were given military and other economic and financial aids.

To advance the American hegemonic agenda, they engineered the Iran-Iraq war and later invaded Iraq on the false pretext of having weapons of mass destruction.

Likewise, their involvement in Afghanistan and their covert operations in other Muslim states.

Trump, and in fact all past presidents, have destabilised the region through overt and covert military operations as well as applying sanctions to purportedly protect the rogue state of Israel.

One thing for sure is that America’s pro-Israel policy has never changed since the illegal establishment of the state conspired and commandeered by Britain, America and France to rob the Palestinian land for Israel.

These countries have colluded with Israel to undermine the stability of the region, which has remained in turmoil ever since.

America’s peace efforts in the Middle Eastern region is a farce. What it does is that it enforces and justifies Israel belligerence and curbs Iran’s influence in the region.

In support of Israel’s belligerence, the US has vetoed almost all United Nations sanctions against this state, thereby, condoning Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinians and its dangerous excursions in overt raiding of other Arab states and its covert operations in the assassination of Arab leaders.

As a result of the US support and complicity, Israel has defied almost all United Nations sanctions with impunity.

Will the new American President be able to ameliorate the Arab/Israeli/Palestinian conflict and return the rights of the Palestinian people and stabilise the Middle Eastern region?

The answer is no, for he can only do window dressing mostly with rhetoric and inconsequential actions that will not change the status quo of the region and he will definitely not undermine Israel’s status as a domineering, belligerent and defiant nuclear power of the region.

Biden, even if he wanted to, cannot take unilateral actions that would undermine the powerful Jewish lobby of America.

It is a fact that presidential candidates and those aspiring for high office must be endorsed by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Jewish lobby, for they control the nation’s wealth, media and the politicians.

To reinforce this position, even vice-president elect Kamala Harris has declared unequivocal support to Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people and the other Arab states.

We, therefore, cannot expect much from Biden with respect to the perennial Arab/Jewish/Palestinian conflict.

It is inconsequential who becomes the president of the United States, Democrat or Republican, for they are subservient to the dictates of the power that controls America.

This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Twentytwo13.