Eat healthy, be merry

Quinao salad

What does healthy eating really mean in a world with an increasing myriad of dietary needs?

It means eating the right kind of food to suit your body – and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to it.

If you constantly feel unfit or tired, your best bet is to consult a nutrigenetics practitioner or nutritional therapist, failing which, the rule of thumb is to avoid too much carbohydrates, bad fats, sugar, processed food and for an escalating number of people, gluten, grains and dairy. And for a smaller number, eggs.

Limiting grains also seems to be beneficial for many, but the thought of giving up rice causes bouts of despair for many, so is there any hope? There sure is – quinoa!

Quinoa is a great tasting alternative to rice and is from the seed family – you can say goodbye to that post-meal bloated and sleepy feeling.

Another popular alternative is cauliflower rice, which is essentially cauliflower broken down in a food processor. Another health tip that is proving helpful is ‘eat the rainbow’ – eating as much of a variety of different coloured vegetables as possible, as each colour represents a different nutrient group.

Consume less meat. Eat organic as much as possible. Bulk up your meals with more vegetables and less meat, with the seasonings you would normally use.

How do you make quick meals? Pressure cookers can be used to cook virtually any dish in a fraction of its usual time.

One Pot meals are a great way to incorporate meat and vegetables in one meal. Throw all your ingredients in one pot, and you can even let a timed oven do the job while you complete a task.

One pot meal
Throw all your ingredients in a pot and it will make a delicious meal.

Malaysians are blessed to have Chinese, Indian and Malay flavours for inspiration. Just google ‘One Pot Oven Recipes’ or ‘One Pot Pressure Cooker Recipes’.

Eat healthy and be merry!

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