Fallacy of the universal rule of law

It is a fallacy to think that the rule of law, based on the universal moral and ethical principles subscribed by all religious beliefs, governs the geopolitics of the world.

The basic tenet of the rule of law is that one must be accountable for one’s wrongdoings, and accept the responsibility and penalties meted out by man-made laws.

These man-made laws are crafted based on the ideology of the government – ranging from communism, fascism, socialism, or democracy. There are also societies that are governed by tribal or religious laws.

However, the theoretical and utopian principles of the rule of law have not been practically viable, for it is constantly subverted by geopolitical expediency and imperatives to be applied selectively based on prejudices and biases of nations with superior military and economic might that arrogate unto themselves the powers of policing the world to serve their imperialistic and hegemonic agenda.

These countries and their cohorts and lackeys determine the dispensation of ‘international law and justice’. Rogue nations, like Israel, that have massacred Palestinians over the past 70 years and are currently undertaking a genocide of the helpless people, are exempted from accountability under the rule of law and justice because it is supported by the major Western powers.

This is evident by their leaders trooping in to pay homage to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister. First to stoop before this murderous Israeli leader was the ageing Joe Biden, the United States president, followed by Rishi Sunak, the default British prime minister, and later, in succession, by the German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz (suffering from the guilt of the so-called Holocaust), and Gloria Meloni, the Italian prime minister. The latest leader to kiss Netanyahu’s hands is French President Emmanuel Macron.

They were there to give moral, financial, and material support to Netanyahu to continue to massacre innocent Palestinian civilians – women and children – and raze Gaza to the ground.

It is the USA that is instrumental in manipulating the rule of law to serve its own, and Israel’s imperialistic agenda through so-called agencies that monitor human rights violations, and establish the corruption index. It publishes a list of nations that violate the ethical and moral tenets of these biased agencies and who contravene the rule of law.

What is hypocritical is that it excludes itself and its allies from these lists, when in fact, America is the greatest violator of human rights and international rule of law. For example, America does not submit to the International Court of Justice inquiry on war crimes it committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, Vietnam, and Cambodia, among others.

Nations, such as Iran, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia, and China that oppose the USA’s hegemonic and imperialistic agenda are deemed to have violated international (read American) rule of law, and have thus been imposed with sanctions, and clandestine activities to subvert and undermine their governments, to effect regime change.

For so long, America, Britain, and Israel have dictated the pace and rhythm of the United Nations’ response to world conflicts through their veto powers and the support of their cohorts in the General Assembly, as well as using coercion on weaker nations.

As such, they arrogated unto themselves, the arbiter of international conflicts and the observance of their version of the rule of law. To this extent, the United States and its cohorts have enabled and emboldened Israel to contravene the rule of law and commit crimes against humanity with impunity.  This is why Israel has spurned the numerous United Nations resolutions against itself for committing atrocities and massacring the Palestinians.

Israel and the United States were incensed by the United Nations’ Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres’ remarks on the alleged violations of international law in Gaza, implying that Israel had committed war crimes.

This infuriated Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, who accused Guterres of being out of touch with reality (rather, Israel’s warped sense of reality). Meanwhile, the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, rudely chastised the Secretary-General and called for his resignation. Such arrogance and impudence.

Israel, has all along, spurned the rule of law, with the connivance of America and Britain, and had treated all United Nations resolutions against it, with disdain. They are used to getting their way, dictating to the United Nations to submit to their agenda. But this time around, the top United Nations’ official, its Secretary-General, had dared to challenge and call them to book, and reminded them that they were not above the law.

Israel, America, and Britain have contravened the rule of law and committed the most heinous war crimes with impunity. The United Nations, by virtue of its asymmetrical and lopsided organisational structure that favours the powerful nations, is helpless to resolve geopolitical conflicts and defend the rights of minority nations, such as Gaza.

The International Court of Justice will not initiate the necessary process to bring Israel to justice for committing war crimes, and against the United States and Britain for aiding and abetting in the killing and slaughter of Palestinian men, women, and children.

This unholy diabolical trinity must answer for their crimes against humanity.

The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the writer and do not necessarily represent that of Twentytwo13

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