Help others because that’s the right thing to do

Incident on LRT

Something heartwarming happened while my wife and I were travelling to Kuala Lumpur using the LRT yesterday.

One young man had breathing difficulties. Another young man and girl came to his aid.

We ultimately managed to contact someone who is close to him to come over. We also managed to get in touch with his employers so they could contact his loved ones.

After the troubled young man had stabilised, the “rescuers” left him in the good hands of the equally helpful Rapid KL staff at Subang Jaya station.

My wife was elated at how “Malaysian” the situation was and there is hope yet for our country which is forever embroiled in some religious or racial issue.

Well, hope is always there. The problem is we often underestimate ourselves.

There are many more good people out there than there are bad ones. But we prefer to focus on the few bad ones because they make excellent bashing fodder.

Also, it’s not so much about being Malaysian but more about being human. If the troubled person had been Japanese, Arab, African, Australian or of any other nationality, we would still have helped him. No?

We help others because that’s what we are supposed to do. Humans helping humans. No second thoughts.

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